How To Draw A Alligator Easy

How To Draw A Alligator Easy

No matter your artistic level, drawing a alligator doesn’t have to be daunting. With just a few simple steps anyone can give life to an alligator and make it come alive right in front of their eyes. It’s an incredibly exciting process and by following a few simple steps it’s so easy to learn how to draw an alligator.

The very first step to creating an amazing alligator is to lightly sketch an entire outline of the alligator you want to draw. Get creative and don’t worry about making a perfect outline, it’s all about the end result and you’ll be fine.

Next comes the fun part, start to add the details of your alligator. Draw the eyes, the mouth and even a few grooves on its back. Make sure the body looks realistic and not too straight. Use curves to bring out the alligators body shape.

After you have the basics laid out it’s time to start shading your alligator. Think about the shading along the curves of the alligator and the areas of light and dark. Take your time, this is a very important step to creating your alligator. Use bold and light strokes to get the right effect.

Finally it’s time to make your alligator come alive with vibrant colors. First color in the alligator with the dark base color, then work your way to the lighter hues. Try and make the colors realistic and think about the environment your alligator would usually be in. Make sure you mix the right shades and take your time to get the right look.

With a few simple steps you can now draw an alligator with ease. If you’re still unsure or stuck, look at some pictures for inspiration for your alligator design. The possibilities are endless and your creativity is your only limit. Have fun and get creative.

Creating The Mouth

Now it’s time to start getting creative. Start by drawing a smiley, U-shaped mouth. Make your alligator look friendly and have fun with the features. Add a few wrinkles to the alligator’s snout and some small details to the lower part of the mouth. Even though the alligator might look hard and tough on the outside it should still appear friendly and inviting.

Adding The Eyes

Ah, the eyes; one of the most important and iconic features of an alligator. The eyes should be two small dots near the top of the alligator, just above the smile. Add a slight curve around the eyes to bring the alligator to life. Don’t forget to give the alligator eyelashes, they should be short stubby lines and they should blend in naturally with the alligator’s features.

Fleshing Out The Body

When it comes to the body you can let your imagination run wild. If you’re looking for inspiration, try searching for nature images to get ideas. You can draw a cool teal-colored scaly alligator or a striking yellow-brown alligator. You can also draw a realistic looking alligator or an abstract one. There’s no wrong way to draw a alligator; just have fun and see what you can come up with.

Adding Some Finishing Touches

When it comes to the final touches, you can get extra creative. Make sure the alligator looks symmetrical by adding splashes of color or adding more details to the body like rounding out its lower half. To make your alligator stand out you can add extra decorative details like a sketch of a pond and the leaves of a nearby tree. The possibilities are endless, don’t be afraid to experiment and explore.

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