How To Draw A Animated Cat

Drawing an animated cat in HTML is no easy feat. Following these few simple steps, however, will have you drawing dignified felines in no time. From sketching out the basic details to fine-tuning the colours and adding your own creative flair, by the end of this tutorial you’ll have a magnificent meow-machine that’ll leave fans purring!
First Things First – Gather Your Supplies
Before you can get started, you’ll need to gather the right tools and digital canvas to create your kitty.
First, let’s talk software. There are many drawing and modelling programs out there that can be used to bring this project to life, but one of the most popular, and easy-to-learn is HTML. It’s the perfect platform for this kind of art and allows you to craft complex shapes and textures with ease.
When you’re all set up, it’s time to build your foundation. You’ll need a canvas to work with, and for that you’ll have to create a grid and place some guides. You don’t need to be a master drafter to do this, just compare the proportions of your kitty with an online reference. Then, once your guide is finished, you can start sketching out the basic shapes.
Shaping The Cat – Make It Marvelous
As you’re building the basic form of your feline friend, try to think about the movement of the cat and give it a sense of life. How will its body arch? What type of posture will it take? How will it move its tail? All these are crucial factors in making your cat look realistic and more importantly, alive!
At this point, you should be feeling pretty proud of yourself – keep it up! Once your cat is taking shape, it’s time to start colouring and texturing it. You’ll want to add detail and colour to each part of the cat’s body. Maybe its fur should be a light grey with touches of white on its paws and face? It’s entirely up to you and your imagination.
Eyes On The Prize – Striking Features
Now that your cat is starting to take shape, it’s time to add its defining feature – the eyes. You’ll want to make sure that these elements draw attention and captivate the viewer.
To do this, make sure you have plenty of white around the eyes to create an illusion of brightness. You’ll also want to add some definition to the pupils and make sure they’re big enough to instantly draw the viewer’s attention.
One Last Piece – A Whisker-Lick of Details
Your animated cat is in its final stages of genesis! You can now create the window into its soul – its eyes. Give its pupils a subtle glint, make sure the fur has a soft texture, and add the perfect number of whiskers.
It’s now time to add the finishing touches and make sure your masterpiece is complete! If you’re feeling brave, you can have some fun creating a name and story for your kitty (we are sure one will come to you as you are adding the finer details).
Once you’ve finished, give your cat one last once over and make sure that you appreciate your magnificent creation. You’ve done an absolutely amazing job!
A Picture of Perfection – Final Touches
Now that your animated cat looks absolutely incredible, it’s time to make sure that it stands out in all the right ways. Think about the light, the angles, and what story you want to tell with your cat.
Once you’ve settled on a viewpoint, you can adjust the settings to make your kitty’s features pop. Balance the white and black to bring out its features, choose the right settings to make its eyes truly sparkle, and highlight its gorgeous whiskers.
Fur Artistry – Finishing Flourishes
Once you’ve finished adding your fine details, it’s time to start refining the fur of your animated cat. To do this, you’ll need to add layer upon layer of precise strokes in order to create a realistic texture.
Once you’re done with that, you can start making finer adjustments to the cat’s fur – add or subtract, shape or shade – these small changes can have a big impact.
To really give your cat an extra edge, try adding disparate patterns and colors to its fur to make it look unique and draw in the viewer’s attention. And remember, it’s the details that make the difference between a mediocre kitty, and a magnificent meow-machine!
Purr-Fection – Shining Through
And that’s it – your animated cat is ready to take the world by storm! Its life-like realistic fur, striking eyes and sprightly movements will keep viewers mesmerised.
Now that you’ve got your kitty all ready, why not create a few more? Your imagination is the limit and it might be the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon inside. So pick up the HTML pen and start doodling! You’ll have furry friends purring in no time.

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