How To Draw A Ballon

Drawing a balloon can be as easy as a breeze, but you don’t have to be a master at HTML to get it right. All you need is a few basic guidelines and your creative touch to get it right.
Putting the color feature on a balloon is not something to be taken lightly. You want to make sure your balloon gets the royal treatment and stands out from the crowd. Adding an array of colors is the best way to do this. Go for bright primary colors such as red, orange, and dark blues to really make an impact. Contrasting colors such as navy and yellow, black and white or pink and purple work best. Use modifiers such as gradient, light, vivid and glossy to really capture the depth of the colors.
Shaping your balloon is the next step to getting the perfect look. Explore different shapes by using the ‘wiggle’ command to enhance the shape, from the gentle and round arch to the puffy and severe angles. Be bold and experiment with different shapes to get the perfect look.
Adding in the finishing touches can be the most challenging and yet, the most rewarding step. Creating a faux ribbon captures the beauty of the balloon and brings it all together. Try overlapping bold strokes of various colors and don’t be afraid to be creative with the shape and direction of the ribbon. Finally, add in some intricate details such as subtle sparkles to bring in some playfulness to the balloon.
Picking the right background to suspend your balloon in the sky is the final piece of the puzzle. Aim for a backdrop that sets the mood and compliments the balloon’s colors. Whether you go for a sunrise or sunset, night or day, keep the backdrop simple to really bring the balloon to life.
Saving the masterpiece is the last part and also the part that sets the longevity of your balloon. You want to make sure it maintains that color and shape for eternity, so pick a large resolution for your balloon to always look perfect.
Putting it all together, the code for a perfect balloon might be surprising simple. Make use of the powerful and dynamic tools such as the ‘rotate’, ‘drag & drop’ and ‘live view’ commands to get it right and above all, have fun while you draw your balloon.
The third step is to give your balloon some lifelike characteristics. Find the right balance between subtle and extreme curves, overlapping and transparency to capture that perfect image. Start by outlining the shape of your balloon with a thin and wiry line, then gradually thicken the line as you build up your balloon. Add a few intricate details such as shadows and highlights to give the balloon a more authentic three-dimensional feel.
Creating texture and dimensions to your balloon can be the most difficult, yet the most rewarding step. Clusters of tiny bubbles or ‘floaters’ sprinkled all over the balloon add an exotic touch, while intense gradients might really give the balloon an old-fashioned, vintage feel. Put on your imagination hat and explore all the possibilities to draw the perfect balloon.
Bringing in the perfect backdrop for your balloon is the last, but equally important step. Emphasize the different shades and tones of the balloon with a perfectly contrasting backdrop. Create tight and seamless shadows around the balloon to capture the airiness and strength of it. Try applying filters on the color or shape for extra depth and excitement. Finally, make sure that the proportion of the balloon and backdrop are in perfect balance to avoid an off-kilter image.

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