How To Draw A Basset Hound

Instructions on How to Draw a Basset Hound

Are you craving to draw an undeniably sweet and cuddly Basset Hound? We can show you simple and straightforward steps to help you on your way to drawing the perfect Basset Hound. With the savvy tips in this guide, you’ll soon be sketching lovable, floppy-eared doggos wherever and whenever you choose. Let’s tailor your pup-drawing dreams into reality!

Step 1: Draw a Big Circle

To draw our Basset Hound, we’ll start by sketching an eclipse-like shape, forming the outline of the pup’s head. Don’t be too precise, as we’ll keep refining our strokes as we go along! Remember, the expression on a pup’s face can drastically change with merely small differences, so we’ll try to recreate the classic Basset Hound expression—happy, content, and slightly mischievous.

Step 2: Customize the Head

Next, let’s finish up the Basset Hound’s head by adding a few more shapes and lines. We’ll add a U-shaped line below the head, helping depict the position of the pup’s heavy jowls. We’ll also add a few curves and lines at the back of the pup’s head to emulate the giant, dropping ears. Don’t be afraid to make these ears as big and droopy as possible—it only adds to the cuteness of your pup!

Step 3: Draw the Body

Now let’s start to form the body of our pup. We’ll create a larger circle and two short, tapered sections at the top to complete the body. These will form the shape of our pup, providing space to add a few details. Remember, the Basset Hound is famous for its short legs and low-lying body design, so keep your little pup in proportion by drawing shorter and thicker legs compared to the taller, thinner body.

Step 4: Sketch the Details

Lastly, we’re at the fun part of drawing our Basset Hound—adding in all the little details. Whether you plan to draw an intricate landscape or merely sketch an angry scowl, these details are essential in transforming your pup from a mere outline to a living and breathing character. Start by adding those signature, drooping eyes and then refine the body further with a few small lines, illustration the pup’s facial features like a furrowed brow and a big, expressive smile.

Step 5: Color In Your Basset Hound

Finally, your Basset Hound practically prances off the page, ready to welcome its new family. All that’s left is the fun and rewarding task of coloring in your new pup! We suggest keeping your hue selection simple, opting for the classic Basset Hound look—a combination of yellowish-browns, soft greys, and white-creams! So grab your favorite paints and get lost in the creative satisfaction of filling in each brush stroke and every droopy ear.

Steps 6 – 10: Refine Your Work

Now that you’ve got your favorite pup in pencil, it’s time to strengthen those lines and deepen the contours of the body and face. Add a few highlights here, a few shadows there to give your pup the finishing touches. Add realistic details like fur and collar, even paw prints might work too! Now it’s time for one last review and tweak. Look out for any imperfections in proportion or shape and take the time to draw them out. When you’re finished, you’ll have a superbly handcrafted pooch!

Tips to Keep in Mind

Drawing a Basset Hound isn’t a difficult task if you know all the right tips and tricks. If you find yourself lost and confused, never fear—you can always check out online references and tutorials to sharpen your artistic skills and troubleshoot any tricky areas. For a cuddly and realistic Basset Hound, here are some handy hints you should keep in mind:

  • Make sure your pup isn’t too spindly or skinny; short, stocky legs give it a realistic look.
  • Notice how the pup’s face bounces off its big, droopy ears; try to give the pup an expressive expression with minor changes like a slight arch to the brow.
  • Pay close attention to the pup’s fur and texture; Basset Hound fur is rather long and soft, so try to add this using long, consistent strokes.
  • If you’re drawing a Basset Hound outside of its natural habitat, think about tiling or hiding some of the pup’s features—like brushing away some of the fur on the pup’s back. This gives it a more real look.

Steps 11 – 15: Put Your New Drawing to Work

Your beautiful Basset Hound might be just a drawing right now, but soon you can show them off to the world! Why not share your pup with friends and family, or if you’re feeling a bit more ambitious, you can even get your pup professionally printed as a poster or onto some apparel. Whether its an eye-catching banner or a simple coloring page, you’ll find that your pup will bring joy to children and parents alike. Your Basset Hound says it all—dearest friends from the most puppy of faces.

Enjoy the Process

Throughout your furry friend’s creation, believe in yourself and be proud of every brush stroke and stroke of the pencil. Before you know it, you’ll have created an adorable Basset Hound that practically leaps off the page, strutting its stuff and howling with joy. So take a deep breath and each step at a time, and soon enough, you’ll have a lovable pup of your own!

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