How To Draw A Big Flower

It is easier to draw a big flower than it looks. All you need is a few simple steps and you can create your own stunning work of art! Here’s how to draw a big flower in no time at all.

Be Unconventional

The best way to create a unique flower is to go a bit off the beaten path. Instead of drawing a standard daisy or sunflower, put your own twist on it. For example, add an extra petal or two, incorporate an unusual color, or draw an inverted petal for drama and intrigue. When you break away from the traditional, you will create something truly beautiful.


Once you have an idea for your flower, it’s time to start sketching. Start with the center of your flower to create the basic shape and necessary structure. Group petals together and use exaggerations of curved lines to add movement and energy to your drawing. Feel free to make your flower as wild as you want!

Explore Color

Add depth and dimension to your flower by experimenting with color. Give it a unique twist by using unusual colors complementary to one another to make your flower stand out. Setting the right color balance adds to the overall beauty of your flower. Bold colors will also draw attention to it, so don’t hesitate to go for vibrant hues.

Relax and have Fun

Finally, don’t take this too seriously. A big flower is meant to be enjoyed and admired. Make sure to take it one step at a time and keep a light heart. If things start to get too complicated, take a break, clear your mind and come back to it later. Achieving the right balance between structure and structureless can be inspiring and relaxing – it’s all part of the beauty of art.

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