How To Draw A Bird Easy Step By Step

Step One: Decide What Type or Species of Bird You Want to Draw

When you are learning how to draw a bird, one of the most important steps is to decide what type of bird you want to draw. Do you want to draw a raven, a parrot, or a nesting songbird? Each type of bird is shaped differently and with their own unique design and flourishes. Think about the bird’s eye level and its proportions. Taking the time to choose your type of bird ahead of time, will make it easier to draw accurately and with the right “flair.”

Step Two: Gather Visual Resources

Once you know the type of bird you want to draw, it’s time to find visual resources to help guide your sketch. Pictures, videos, and computer graphics can serve as great references when accurately sketching a bird. These types of tools will give you a better idea of what the bird looks like and how to draw it.

Step Three: Draw the Bird Outline

Once you have gathered the visual resources and figured out the type of bird and its proportions, the next step is to draw the bird’s outline. Start by carefully sketching in the bird’s shape and size. Take your time with this step, as it is essential for creating an accurate and proportionate drawing. Once you have the shape down, use light pencil strokes to draw in the bird’s details, such as its eyes, beak, feathers, and tail feathers.

Step Four: Add Color and Texture to the Drawings

Now that you have the bird’s outline drawn and detailed, it’s time to add color and texture. Crayons, colored pencils, markers, and paint are all great options for adding a splash of life to your bird. Try to mimic the real-life bird’s color palate and textures when drawing. The goal is to create a drawing that looks realistic and accurate.

Step Five: Refine the Drawing

After the bird’s outline and details are drawn and the color is added, the final step is to refine the drawing. Go over the bird one more time, making sure that all of its features are accurately portrayed. Don’t forget to add in shadows for more realism and depth of field. Once you have perfected the drawing, you will now have a great bird sketch as your masterpiece.

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