How To Draw A Cat In The Hat

How to Draw a Cat In The Hat

The Cat In The Hat is an iconic symbol of children’s literature. As a popular children’s book character, many kids want to learn how to draw a Cat In The Hat character in its own unique style. Making your own Cat In The Hat character is simple if you follow the steps outlined below.

1. Draw The Shape of The Hat

First, draw a rectangle shape that is slightly tilted and open on the end. From there, sketch a horizontal line towards the bottom of the rectangle that curves inwards slightly. Finally, draw two curved lines on either side of the rectangle to create the brim of the hat. Now, you have the shape of the Cat In The Hat’s iconic hat.

2. Draw The Cats’ Face

Next, draw the Cat In The Hat’s face. Start by drawing an oval on the top of the hat and a second oval overlapping it. This will become the Cat In The Hat’s face. Then, draw two round ears on top of the top oval and two triangular eyes on the bottom oval. For the whiskered muzzle, draw two curved lines beneath the eyes. Finally, sketch a funny, smiling mouth at the bottom of the face.

3. Draw The Cat’s Tail

Now, draw the Cat In The Hat’s tail. Start by drawing two short curved lines beneath the hat brim and connect them with a longer curved line. Then, draw two curved lines extending from the lower portion of the tail to the end and add two small circles to the ends to create the paddles. Finally, draw two lines coming off the middle of the tail to create the fur.

4. Draw The Cat’s Body

Last, draw the Cat In The Hat’s body. Start by drawing two curved lines that connect the lower part of the face with the bottom of the hat. Then, draw a long curved line that extends from one side of the body to the other. Finally, draw the arms by drawing two curved lines extending from the sides of the body.
Now that you have the Cat In The Hat’s features sketched out, all that’s left is to color it in with your favorite colors. With a little practice and some creative flair, you can make your Cat In The Hat look just as cute as the one from the books. Now, you know how to draw a Cat In The Hat!

1. Enhance The Design With Details

Give your Cat In The Hat character added charm by adding some details. For example, draw striped socks, a bow tie, buttons, stripes along the brim of the hat, and more fun accessories. Let your imagination run wild and add any details that you want your Cat In The Hat to have. Also, you can use shading to give the character a more three-dimensional look.

2. Make It Unique With Color

As you color in your Cat In The Hat character, make sure to use as many bright and bold colors as you want. Use a mix of pastels, bright colors, and even glitter and metallic colors to give your character a special and unique look. If you want, you can even draw the Cat In The Hat character in an alternate costume or add features from other books characters, such as Sally from The Cat in the Hat Comes Back.

3. Frame it For Display

Once you’re done drawing, color in, and adding all the details, it’s time to showcase your Cat In The Hat character! Frame your work and display it on a wall or shelf to show off your amazing artwork. You can even make a series of Cat In The Hat characters in different costumes and poses to give them their own mini gallery.

4. Use Alternative Materials

If you want to be extra creative, you can make your Cat In The Hat character using alternative materials such as clay, fabric, felt, paper, and more. Clay is an especially great material as you can create more intricate designs and add depth and texture to your character. Furthermore, with fabric, you can make your Cat In The Hat plushie that you can keep with you and show off to your friends and family.
Now, you know all the steps on how to draw a Cat In The Hat character in its own unique style. If you follow these steps and use your creativity, you can make a Cat In The Hat character that is truly one-of-a-kind! So, get drawing, and may you create a character that is truly inspiring.

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