How To Draw A Charizard Step By Step

How To Draw A Charizard Step By Step

Calling all Pokémon trainers! It’s time to learn the moves that bring one of the most popular Pokémon, Charizard, to life on the page. Drawing Charizard step by step is no small task, but with practice and patience, you can make your own charizard look as if it stepped off the page. Here you will learn about drawing Charizard, the shape and size of the head and wings and details that will add realism. So grab your pencils, markers and erasers and get ready to draw your own Charizard!

Choose Your Medium

When it comes to drawing Charizard, you can use any medium. Pencil, pen and ink, markers, pastels and wax crayons are popular choices. But ultimately, go with the medium that allows the most flexibility and control while keeping the lines refined. Taking it slow and steady will help you make sure that your lines are exact and your details are small and detailed. Think of your Charizard as sculpture rather than painting, as you’ll be building it up as you go.

Sketch the Charizard’s Body

To draw your Charizard, start with the body. Draw a striped oval or rounded rectangle. This is the basic foundation that will be the shape for your Charizard. Add two circles on the end for the wings and pause to assess the size and shape of the body.

The Head

Now on to the head. This is where it really starts to look like one of the most beloved Pokémon characters! Sketch out a crescent-shaped body and add two large triangles on either side of the head to complete the look. Add a beak-shaped mouth and two small eyes to finish off the head of your Charizard.

The Wings

Draw two curved lines on either side of the oval body and add two more curved lines at the end of the wings. This will provide your Charizard the beautiful and sharp wings it needs. Be sure to add detail in the wings, such as the pattern of short, curvy lines and the shading. Lastly, draw some claws at the tips of the wings to make them look realistic.

Add The Finishing Touches

The last step is to make sure your Charizard looks real! No one likes a flat-looking Pokémon! Draw in shading throughout the body with light and dark blocks, giving your Charizard dimension. To make the face more realistic, add two round eyes and a curved beak. Once these finishing touches are complete, you can now add color to your Charizard.

Create the Color Scheme

To make your Charizard pop off the page, choose a bright and vibrant color palette. For example, opt for charcoal gray for the wings, light yellow for the head and a deep orange for the body. You can also be creative and add a splash of turquoise or pink for the claws and wings. Experiment until you achieve the look you want! Now your Charizard is ready to be admired!

Practice Makes Perfect

Drawing Charizard takes some practice and patience. But with time and effort, you’ll be able to create an amazing Charizard that looks like it just stepped out of a Pokémon movie. Look at pictures of Charizard online to get an idea of how yours should look and draw, draw, draw! When you can confidently draw the wings, head and color scheme in one go, you’ll know you have mastered the art of drawing Charizard! Good luck!

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