How To Draw A Cheer

How To Draw A Cheer:

Drawing a cheer isn’t as complicated as it sounds! With just a few pens, pencils, and a sheet of paper, anyone can craft a celebratory piece of artwork. Whether you’re just getting started, or a bit of an artistic pro, follow these easy steps to draw your very own cheer!

Start With the Basics:

First things first, lay down the foundations for your design. Sketch lightly—you want to be able to erase if necessary. Draw a few overlapping circles, and build from there. This is your starting point, so don’t try to overcomplicate it. Then, draw two pointed banners, one on either side of the circles. These understandingly create a “cheer,” as it were. On top, sketch a few jagged points, as if rays of sunshine were emanating from the design.

Create the Details:

Start to refine your cheer by adding details. Inside each circle, make a few curved lines, kind of like swirls. This adds depth and interest to the overall piece. Additionally, draw a small line between the circles to really illustrate the “cheer” part of the image. On the tips of the banners and other points, create tiny little circles, like stars. These add a nice decorative touch, as well as personality to your design.

Add Color!

Now, the fun part—adding color! However, your approach isn’t just about which hues to pick, but how to apply the color to give your design its own unique flare. First, add blocks of color to the circles, banners, and any other areas that are visible. This allows you to give your piece a distinct texture and make it pop. Then, use thinned out markers or paint pens to draw small lines over the blocks of color. This creates a unique marbling effect that can’t be achieved by other methods.

Finish It Off:

To complete your cheer, add any additional elements you’d like. It could be an outlined sun above the design, stars sprinkled randomly throughout your piece, or virtually anything else your imagination can think of. There’s no wrong way to finish off your work!

And That’s It!

Most importantly, don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back. Drawing a cheer is a big accomplishment, no matter how simple it looks! So take a step back and admire your hard work. Feeling proud of your drawing isn’t wrong—it’s an acknowledgement of how far you’ve come as an artist!

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