How To Draw A Cheerleader

How to Draw a Cheerleader

Drawing a cheerleader is a fun and creative way to express yourself, no matter what level of artistry you’re at. Use a few easy steps, plus your own creativity and flair to draw a dynamic cheerleader. Here’s how to do it:

Get the Basics Ready

You’ll need a few materials to get started. You’ll need paper, a pencil and an eraser. Have some colored pencils and markers handy to add charm to your creation. Pick a size for your paper, then draw a horizontal line down the middle. This will be your guide for uniformity as you draw.

Sketch Out the Basic Pose and Outline of Cheerleader

Go ahead and start sketching out the general outline of what the cheerleader will look like. To make the process go smoother, focus on one of her arms and draw it, then draw the other one in the same pose. From there, draw the upper and lower torsos, and then the two legs. Make sure your cheerleader is standing with both feet firmly on the ground.

Draw Clothing and Details

Time to give personality to your cheerleader. Give her a long and flowing cheerleading skirt, sneakers for her feet, and a tight-fitting tee. Give her hair a wild and wavy bounce, and don’t forget to add details like sleeves, seams, pockets, and bows. When finished, add a pom-pom in either hand if you like. This is where you get to have all the fun.

Draw Symbolism and Color

This is the time to let your creative juices flow! Fill the space with things that make the cheerleader more personal and special. Draw a mascot in the background, a football helmet and her name on her shirt. If you want, you can give her poses with her hands as if she’s about to do some stunts. Last but not least, don’t forget to add details with coloring and shading. The cheerleader is finally ready!

Bring the Cheerleader to Life with Props and Action

Once you’ve drawn the basic outline of your cheerleader, add props like a cushion and blocks to create unique poses. If you want, you can draw the props individually too. Take the cushion and the blocks and draw them separately. This adds a bit of realism. Be sure to draw details such as straps, buckles and laces.

With props and action added, your cheerleader is ready to take the field. Incorporate movements such as arms raised in the air, cheering and shouting, and adding a few twists and turns in the air. Make sure you draw them in a way that makes them look dynamic. This way, the cheerleader appears to be bursting with energy, ready to bring on the cheer!

Complete the Drawing with Expressions

You’re nearly done with your drawing of your cheerleader! All that’s left is to include a few expressions to bring the drawing to life. Draw a big smile on her face and twinkling eyes that sparkle with joy. Add features like a raised eyebrow or a wink of an eye that make your cheerleader look even more lively and dynamic!

Finally, write your favorite phrase or quote on a piece of paper and place it in her hands. This will serve as a fun and inspiring reminder of your cheerleader every time you look at it.

Using Stencils for Uniformity

If you want your cheerleader to look uniform and consistent, you can use stencils. Stencils can help you produce an exact replica of the cheerleader you drew out. Just trace the outline of the stencil and use colored pencils or markers to complete the look. This way, your cheerleader will come out looking polished and perfect every single time!

Put the Tadá in Her Step

You’re all done with drawing your cheerleader! Now it’s time to take your creation one step further and make sure that she looks like the real deal. Add some funky accessories like hair bows and ribbons to make her look even more lively. Make sure that her movements are dynamic and that she’s always on her toes. Finally, give her a ta-da pose to show off all the hard work you’ve done. Congrats, you’ve successfully drawn your own cheerleader!

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