How To Draw A Chibi Animal

How To Draw A Chibi Animal

Drawing a chibi animal can be tons of fun — an easy way to express your creativity and merge imagination with reality! Chibi animals are cute and unique because they represent the adorable animals you find in anime and real life. With some guidance and a few tips, anyone can draw a chibi animal!

Gathering Supplies

Before you start your drawing, get all the supplies you’ll need. Gather a pencil, some paper, a drawing eraser, and even colored pencils, if desired. Then make sure you’re comfortable and ready to get creative!

Start With the Shape

Once your supplies are ready to go, begin by drawing a circle to give you the rough shape to start with. Drawing an ovoid — making the circle more of an oval — can give your chibi animal a more squat, realistic look. Whether you draw a round or oval figure, use light pencil markings to ensure that you can erase it easily if needed.

Include the Features

Once the outline of the shape has been drawn, add smaller circles and lines to give your chibi character specific features. These circles and lines can become the eyes and nose, or the individual bristles of a horse’s mane. Have fun with this step, as details make your chibi animal come to life!

Subtle Touches

Add small details to the figure to make it charming and more detailed. For example, use pencil lines to create wrinkles at a dog’s feet, or use a marker to make an expressive cat lined with black whiskers. Small touches like these will make your chibi animal unique and special.

Time to Color In

Adding color to your chibi animal will help make it stand out and look more realistic. Whether you use traditional pencils or markers, stay inside the lines and use Patience and Persistence to make sure each feature is drawn neatly. Once you’ve completed coloring, it’s time to admire your work!

Being Creative With Proportion

One of the more creative steps in drawing a chibi animal is the opportunity to play with proportions. The body can be different sizes and the head changes shape, providing a cute, morphed image of an animal. Add some unexpected curves and details to the body to make the drawing more interesting and make a statement.

Playing With Accessories

If you want your chibi animal to be extra special, you can always add accessories. A bird can don a small hat or a snail can add a cute bowtie. The customization is up to you, so go all out and make sure your chibi animal is an interesting character with lots of style!

Show Your Creativity!

Chibi animals are fun to draw, and the end result can be one of a kind. With a few tricks and lots of creativity, you can make a chibi animal that is truly special and one that expresses your individuality. So grab your supplies and get creative!

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