How To Draw A Chicken Cartoon

Learning how to draw a chicken cartoon can be a fun and easy task. From scratch to finish, you’ll be able to sketch up your own chicken masterpiece in no time. Taking just a handful of steps, it won’t be difficult to transform your chicken drawing into a comical cartoon. To get started, let’s review a few key features and characteristics that capture cartoon-esque attributes.

Start with the Body

A chicken cartoon starts with the basic body shape. Without a properly drawn foundation, the rest of your drawing will be off in proportions. The body should be an oval shape with a curve for its neck. Adding two small circles for the feet is all it takes to bring the body to life.

To add an extra pop of personality, curve the chicken’s body up and down. By making the shape asymmetric and slightly abstract, it will take on its own personality.

You can also add some subtle lines along the head and wings to make it look additional feathers. Keep the feathers small, and make sure to add some in the center of the chicken drawing.

Create the Wings

The wings of your chicken cartoon will be an extension of the body. They will take on a triangular shape, but should appear light and whimsical. Begin by sketching the wings at the end of the body. Then, draw a few lines on the underside of the wings to create the shimmering effect of feathers.

This is also a chance to get super creative. Feel free to deviate from the triangular shape. You can make the wings into hearts or a different shape that best fits your chicken cartoon. As long as your drawing looks balanced and the wings make sense, then you’re golden.

Bring the Drawing Together With a Face

The face is the basis of your chicken cartoon’s character. To create a simple face, draw two small circles for the eyes. Above them, you’ll draw the beak. For a cartoonish effect, you can draw the beak to curve up at the end.

Make sure to fill in the eyes with a dark color. Bring some life to the chicken cartoon with a simple expression in the eyes. Maybe they’re bright and cheerful with half-closed lids, or maybe they have brows dropped in a comical expression.

End the face with a couple of loose, curved lines for the eyebrows. And if you’re feeling particularly creative, you can even give your chicken cartoon some facial hair.

Add Color and Cuteness To Your Chicken Cartoon

The last step is to add the finishing touches. You can spruce up the chicken cartoon even more with some colors and patterns. You can give the wings a yellowish or light brown hue, and you can fill in the body with a light color as well. Then, add some patterns to the wings and feathers by drawing small streaks onto the wings and body.

For the eyes, try using a blue or green color to give a bit of pizazz. Lastly, fill in the beak with a vibrant orange shade to complete the overall look.

Bring Out the Character in Your Chicken Cartoon

Now that your chicken cartoon is colored in, it’s time to bring out the character in your playful bird. Start by drawing a few details. Add some unique features like a mohawk, an overstuffed cheeks, a top hat, or something else that you find funny.

The more you play around with the details, the more diverse and unique your chicken cartoon will become! With just a few additional lines, you can bring your cartoon to life and create your very own cartoon creation.

Dress Up Your Chicken Cartoon

The last step to bring your chicken cartoon to the next level is to give them some clothes. It could be a classic fedora hat or a pair of classic glasses. These small accessories can help make the chicken cartoon stand out, and give them an extra dose of charm.

You could even opt for some clothing items, like a shirt with a bowtie or a scarf. The possibilities are endless! Just make sure to stay true to your drawing style, and you’ll end up with an awesome chicken cartoon.

Have Fun and Create

Creating a chicken cartoon can be a delightful way to express your creativity. By taking some simple steps and adding a few touches of your own, you can turn a simple drawing into an endearing character.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with shapes, colors, and accessories. That’s how you discover your own unique style! Try different techniques, and incorporate your own artistic quirks in your chicken cartoon.

Just have fun and let your imagination run wild. With a few simple steps, you will be able to draw some awesome chicken cartoons in no time!

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