How To Draw A Christmas Gnome

Though drawing a Christmas gnome might seem like an overwhelming task, it doesn’t have to be. All you need is a few supplies and some creative inspiration, and you can easily draw your own gnome for the holiday season. Here’s how to do it.

First, you’ll need some paper and a pencil, but feel free to go wild with colors, markers and paint. Sketch out a basic template, starting with the head and marking two level circles on top. Draw in two triangular shapes for the ears, making sure to keep them horizontal to the face. You can draw a mitten-shaped nose, along with two oval eyes embedded slightly apart inside the circles. Then draw in an adorable smile and add big fuzzy eyebrows. Don’t forget Santa’s signature round glasses, which should have a round base and curved arms.

Next, draw the body, starting with the core and trunk. Make sure the body’s shoulders and arms are positioned correctly, with the elbows pointing downward. Add some upside down Vs for the hands and curves in the wrists, palms and fingers. Add in a furry belly and legs that are bent at the hips. Let your imagination soar as you draw the Santa-like hat, complete with a thin brim and a furry top. Add detailing like a belt, buckle and buttons for the shirt, and don’t forget the thick, soft soles on the feet.

Now it’s time to go beyond the basics. Give your Christmas gnome some character by coloring and painting the figure according to your vision. Add your personal style with funny facial expressions, detailing on the clothing, colorful accessories and even more festive decorations. Make sure to outline in color the gnome’s body, eyes, nose and glasses, inviting a 3D look. Remember to bring the vision of your beautiful, unique winter wonderland to life, and be sure to fill your paper with fun and whimsical additions fit for the holiday season!

Next, apply the details that your gnome will need to complete the look. Start by adding a winter scarf, with bold colors and fun patterns. You may also want to add a festive cap or earmuffs, a graham cracker beard or candy cane cane. Complete the look with some holly berries, snowflakes, stars, or a bell for a sleigh ride. Don’t forget to color the hair, tail, and beard if you haven’t done so already.

Finally, accessorize and personalize your Christmas gnome. Give him a sack, an owl, a reindeer, and a snowball. Draw on a special logo, like a candy cane, snowman or winter symbol. Add some twinkle lights and a Santa hat so he looks festive and ready to celebrate. Put a garland around his neck and make sure to add details like bells and a snowman logo on the hat. Whatever you choose, you’ll have created a completely unique gnome to make your holidays magical!

Now that you know how to draw a Christmas gnome, it’s time to get creative! Grab your supplies, draw out your gnome, and start playing with colors and patterns. Have a blast adding your own style and personality to your creation, and get ready to share a one-of-a-kind winter wonderland with your friends and family. Enjoy!

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