How To Draw A Christmas Present Step By Step Easy

Drawing a Christmas Present Step by Step

Ready to get your inner artist going? Making Christmas presents for your family and friends is both fun and rewarding. Drawing your own Christmas present is fast and easy with this step by step guide. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Use the Right Supplies

The supplies you’ll need for drawing your own Christmas present can vary, but basic materials like paper, pencils, erasers and a coloring tool are all you really need to start. Sketching a Christmas present on a larger piece of paper will help it look more finished. You can go wild and choose any colors you want, however sticking to classic colors like red and green will keep your present looking authentic.

Step 2: Add Depth to Your Christmas Present

Once you’ve got your supplies picked out, the next step is to give your present some depth. Start by creating the outlines of your present and shape it like a rectangle or another shape of your choosing. Then make sure to draw in details like a ribbon or bow, which will make your present look more lively. Throw in some presents for good measure to make your drawing stand out.

Step 3: Layer It Up with Color

Now it’s time to really give your Christmas present a special touch. Start by adding bold colors for the body of your present and for the accessories like ribbons and bows. Then take it a step further by adding subtle stripes and checks, which will make your present look exquisitely wrapped.

Step 4: Add finishing touches

To make your present look even more realistic, add finishing touches like a bow to the top. Depending on what you’re drawing, you can also include small details like a tag, a snowflake or a name.

Step 5: Take it Off the Page

Grab your favorite glitter pens and give your present some pizzazz! Your drawn Christmas present will look gorgeous if you add some gold and silver accents around it. Feel free to use glitter and embellishments to customize your present even further.

Step 6: Put It All Together

You’re finished! Now it’s time to put your drawing together. Erase any smudges and imperfections, then it’s ready to go. Show off your masterpiece and make someone’s holiday extra special with your own one-of-a-kind Christmas present.

Step 7: Get Creative with Technology

For a modern twist on your Christmas present, use technology tools like Photoshop to instantly apply details, textures and more. Get creative and experiment with fonts to dress up the final product. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can turn your drawing into a professional-looking product.

Step 8: Display Your Masterpiece

Now that you’ve got your Christmas present finished, it’s time to show it off. Have your family and friends gather around and have some fun with your creation. Let them write sweet notes and messages to the recipient. Hang your present up on the wall and make sure to keep it as a yearly tradition!

Conclusion: Take Time to Craft Your Gift Enjoyably

Drawing your own Christmas present is an enjoyable, creative way to give the gift of love. With the right supplies and some guidance, you can craft a masterpiece that will bring out the holiday spirit. So grab your pencils and sketching paper and start on your own unique Christmas present.

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