How To Draw A Christmass Tree

How To Draw A Christmas Tree

It’s that magical time of year again, when Christmas trees sparkle, snowflakes twinkle, and the whole world is blessed with that special festive feeling. Drawing a Christmas tree is the perfect way to commemorate the occasion and make lasting memories for years to come.
When it comes to drawing a Christmas tree, there’s no wrong way to do it. From whimsical and fun to classic and traditional, the tree of your winter dreams is only a few simple steps away. Here’s everything you need to know to draw a Christmas tree of your very own:

1. Start with the tree’s trunk.

Begin by sketching an upside-down triangle-like shape at the bottom of the paper. This shape will serve as the foundation for your tree, and will form the trunk. Start with a shorter shape for a child-like tree, or draw a taller, more slender shape for a more sophisticated look.

2. Add the branches.

Give your tree a cozy, full look by adding branches. Start with a few main branches extending from the trunk and then add more. For a more stylized look you can draw zigzag or wavy branches. If you want to keep your tree traditional and classic, draw evenly spaced lines out from the trunk of your tree, before putting the finishing touches on your branches.

3. Adorn with ornaments.

The most important part of Christmas is the decorations, so give your tree some love by adding ornaments. Ornaments can be circles, ovals, or even stars, depending on the look you’re going for. Add ornaments randomly and layer them around the tree branches. Don’t be afraid to mix shiny and matte ornaments together and add as many or as few as you like.

4. Put it in the lights.

The only thing better than a Christmas tree is one that’s draped in festive twinkling lights. To draw your own lights, start by sketching small circles around the branches and join them up with curvy lines. Once you’ve put the lights in place, use a pen or marker to draw small lines around the circles to give them a glow.

5. Top it off with a star.

No Christmas tree is complete without a star to top it off. Draw your star off center and to one side, then finish it off by filling it in with some glittery details. When you’re done, step back, admire your work and let the Christmas cheer was over you like a cozy blanket.

Bonus Tip

To bring your Christmas tree to life, add a few puffy white cotton balls around the base. Finish with a heart-filled sentiment written in marker or pen to ensure a lovely keepsake tree that can be cherished and enjoyed each and every festive season.

Further Tips For Drawing A Christmas Tree

Now that you’ve learnt how to draw a Christmas tree, why not spruce up your skills and really impress your friends and family? Here are a few more tips to help you take your tree drawing to the next level:

1. Use shading techniques

The best way to create a three-dimensional effect for your tree is to use some shading techniques. Try light, medium and darker shades of green for your tree and add light and medium values of brown to the trunk.

2. Mix up the colors and textures

Don’t be afraid to mix up the colors, textures, and finishes of your ornaments and decorations. From glittery and lacquered to matte and metallic, combining different colors and textures can give your tree a unique and eye-catching look.

3. Make the tree pop off the paper

Adding some highlights and shadows can also give your Christmas tree a more realistic effect by making it jump off the page. Sketch in some highlights and shadows on the tree, its branches, and around the stars and trunk to create a subtle 3-D additional dimension.

4. Incorporate paper garland

Paper garland looks stunning draped around a Christmas tree and is a great way to customize your drawing. Cut out different shapes and sizes of circles, stars and other festive motifs from cardstock or coloured paper and make a cheerful garland to complete your drawing.

5. Add a festive scene around the tree

Spread the Christmas cheer by drawing in a cozy winter wonderland around your tree. Adding presents, reindeer, snowflakes, and a fire roaring in the background will help to bring your Christmas tree drawing to life. You can even give your tree a season’s greeting with a clever caption or personalized message.
Drawing a Christmas tree doesn’t have to be hard, with a few simple steps you can create a festive masterpiece that will bring cheer and joy to your home long after Christmas is over. So grab a pencil, a piece of paper and get ready to draw some magical festive memories.

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