How To Draw A Collar Shirt

Draw the Morph Lines of the Collar

Drawing clothing can be both a fun and daunting task, yet with a few simple steps you can take your fashion illustrations to the next level. Drawing a collar shirt is much simpler than you think, and when done correctly it will really draw attention to it and make it stand out. Let’s get started on how to draw a collar shirt!
The first step in learning how to draw a collar shirt is to draw the morph lines of the shirt. When looking at the shirt from the side, you’ll want to draw two lines that lead from the neckline to the shoulder. These will be drawn from the widest area of the collar inward and should flow naturally to their end point. Make sure you draw lightly so you can easily make corrections.
The second step is to draw the shape of the collar. This will depend on the type of shirt you are drawing and the style of the collar. For example, if you’re drawing a button-up collar shirt, you’ll want to draw a shallow V-shape with a line below it that circles around the neck. This line should never be too wide, as this will make the shirt look bulky.

Add Details to the Collar

The third step is to add details to the collar. This can be done in several ways. If you are drawing a folded collar, you’ll want to draw each fold of the fabric separately while keeping a constant curve along the neckline.
If drawing a button-down collar, you will want to draw the buttons and buttonholes. Start by drawing the two small circles for the holes, adding two more for the buttons, as well as a line underneath them for the thread. Make sure to draw the thread between the two buttons for a complete look.
The fourth step is to draw the shape of the shoulders. This can be done by using the morph lines from the collar as a starting point, then adding the shoulder lines to form the shape. Make sure to draw the shoulder lines with a slight curve, as that will give the shirt a more natural look.

Color the Collar

The fifth step is to color the collar. Choose a color that will suit the shirt you’re drawing, and then use a light shading technique to bring out the details of the fabric. Remember, darker colors will bring out the folds of the fabric while lighter colors will give it a more subtle look.
The sixth step is to draw the details of the collar. This can be done by adding shadows and highlights. For shadows, you’ll want to draw short and curved lines coming away from the edge of the collar. For highlights, you can add small white dots or curved lines to give it a bit of dimension.
The final step is to add any other details that your collar may need such as buttons and buttonholes, if you’re drawing a buttoned collar. Note that these should be added in the same direction as the folds of the fabric. This will give it a more natural and realistic look.

Create Cuffs and Buttons

The seventh step is to draw the cuffs and buttons. For the cuffs, draw two curved lines that wrap around the wrist area, as this will create a sense of volume and structure. You can then add buttons and buttonholes to the cuff or use a combination of both.
The eighth step is to add details to the shirt. This can be done by adding shadows and highlights, depth, and texture. To add depth, you can use darker tones around the edges and creases of the shirt and lighter tones in the center. Textures can be added with small lines that mimic the fabric of the shirt.

Finish with Details and Accessories

The ninth step is to draw any accessories that you may want to add to your shirt. This can include pockets, ties, buttons, pockets, collars, and more. Make sure you draw them with the same level of detail and accuracy as the rest of the shirt.
The tenth and final step is to finish your shirt with any details you may have missed. This can include buttons, stitching, patches, and folds. You can also add any additional accessories such as ties and belt loops.
Drawing a collar shirt may seem daunting, but with a few simple steps and a good eye for detail you can take your fashion illustrations to the next level. With a bit of practice, you’ll soon be creating stylish and realistic collar shirts in no time.

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