How To Draw A Cup Of Coffee

How To Draw A Cup Of Coffee

Making coffee is an art and drawing it is no different. Drawing a cup of coffee can be quite therapeutic and it is the perfect way to dip your toe into the world of sketching and doodling. Drawing a cup of coffee does not require any previous knowledge or experience and can be accomplished with a few simple techniques.

Taking my loyal pencil in hand and a little bit of patience is all I need to get started. To draw a cup of coffee, I start by getting a few basic shapes on paper. I sketch a tall, rounded-edge rectangular prism to represent the cup, then two oval shapes — one for the top and one for the bottom. Next, I draw a couple of horizontal lines connecting the cup to the saucer. Last, I draw the steam coming out of the cup, which adds the perfect touch to the illustration.

To give the drawing more depth, I add a few shading lines and details. I start with the cup itself and add some arched lines around the lip of the cup as well as a few creases where the edges of the cup meet the saucer. Once I am done with all the details, I choose a few colors and start shading my cup of coffee.

One of the most exciting parts of drawing a cup of coffee is the chance to be creative with the design and style. Whether it’s a modern take on a classic latte or an abstract style of coffee art, limitless possibilities await. I’ll opt for the latter and add additional color to make my cup of coffee unique and memorable.

Once I am done with the color pattern, I give my picture an extra touch by adding a few tiny droplets of spilled coffee around the cup. I quickly scribble some damp-looking spots around the cup and voila! My drawing of a cup of coffee is complete.


Drawing a cup of coffee doesn’t need to be intimidating. With a few simple shapes and a bit of creativity, I can create a masterpiece in moments. All I need is my trusty pencil, some paper, and a bit of imagination to create something extraordinary.

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