How To Draw A Cute Bat

How to Draw a Cute Bat
Getting Started
Drawing cute bats is easier said than done. They’ve got wings, big eyes, and little sharp teeth -all the elements that make them super adorable. But to capture that cuteness correctly, you’ll need the right supplies and a few special techniques. Grab your favorite sketch pad, some charcoal pencils, and let’s get started on creating some seriously cute little wings.
Bats have a specific shape and structure, so it’s important to draw as accurately as possible. Start by sketching out the wings with a light charcoal pencil. To give your bat that extra cuteness, use swooping lines and curves. Make sure the wings are symmetrical, and that they’re evenly spaced apart. Once you’ve got them just right, it’s time to add some finer details.
Adding the Details
Give your bat some fine facial features by adding two big eyes and a cute little smile. To make the eyes stand out, make sure to shade them in with a slightly darker pencil. Once the eyes are complete, draw two tiny, sharp teeth below its snout. Use a finer pencil to draw the cheese slits and to give your bat some wings with added texture.
To bring your bat to life, give it some color. Start with a light grey for its fur and wings. For a bit of contrast, try adding a hint of pink for its ears and tongue. To calm down the contrast, try adding small, light grey spots all over its wings. Finally, fill in its eyes and teeth with black.
Finishing Touches
For the finishing touches, use a dark grey pencil to draw small lines radiating from the eyes for a cute, cartoon-like effect. Once you’ve done that, add a few tiny highlights in the wings to give them an extra glow. And there you have it – an adorable, cartoon-like bat!

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