How To Draw A Cute Bird


Drawing a cute bird is not as intimidating as it might sound. In fact, it can be fun and creative! Here are sixteen easy steps to help you draw a cute bird in no time.

Step One: Begin with a Circle

Start by drawing a circle. This will be the foundation of your bird’s head. Make sure it’s not too big or too small. Get it just right for your cute bird!

Step Two: Draw the Neck and Body

Draw a slightly curved line leading away from the circle. This will be the neck of your bird. Then, draw a semi-circle below the neck that connects at the edges of the circle. This will be the body of your cute bird.

Step Three: Add Feathers

Using short lines, draw feathers on the bird’s head, neck and body. This will give the bird its distinctive fluffy look. You can make the feathers big or small depending on the kind of bird you want to draw.

Step Four: Draw the Beak and Legs

Draw an upside-down triangle for the beak. This is an important part of the bird, so make sure it looks cute and accurate. Then draw two thin lines coming from the bottom of the circle. These will be the bird’s legs.

Step Five: Draw Feet and Eyes

Draw small circles for the bird’s feet. Then draw two small dots inside the circle for the eyes. If you want your bird to have a more expressive look, you can draw the eyes at a slight angle.

Step Six: Add Wings

Draw two curves coming out of the sides of the bird’s body. These will be the bird’s wings. You can draw them big or small, depending on the kind of bird you’re drawing.

Step Seven: Draw Tail Feathers

Draw a line connecting the bottom of the bird’s body and the back of its head. This will be the base of the tail feathers. Now draw several short lines coming out of the line to create the tail feathers.

Step Eight: Color Your Bird

Now it’s time to give your bird some color. You can mix and match different colors to make your bird unique. Use your imagination and be creative!

Step Nine: Add Details

Finish off your cute bird by adding details. You can draw stripes, spots or other patterns on the feathers. You can also draw small dots for feathers and thin lines for the wings and tail feathers.

Step Ten: Shade Your Drawing, If Desired

If you want to give your bird an extra special touch, you can add some shading. You can use shading to make the feathers look more fluffy and give the bird a realistic look.

Step Eleven: Add Shadows

For an even more realistic look, you can draw shadows under the wings and body. This will make your bird look like it’s standing on the page.

Step Twelve: Add a Background

Finally, you can add a background to your drawing. You can draw a tree, a sky or whatever you like. Just let your imagination run wild!

Step Thirteen: Erase Your Mistakes

It’s normal to make mistakes when you’re drawing and that’s okay. Just use a kneaded eraser to erase any lines or shapes you don’t like.

Step Fourteen: Highlight Your Drawings

If you want to make your bird stand out, you can use a white colored pencil to highlight certain parts of it. This will make your bird look extra cute!

Step Fifteen: Practice, Practice, Practice

The more you practice, the better your bird will look! Set aside some time to practice and soon you’ll be an expert can draw a cute bird with ease.

Step Sixteen: Have Fun!

Above all, have fun while you draw your bird! Draw different kinds of birds or try different styles. Be creative and explore your options. You never know how cute your bird can look until you try it.

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