How To Draw A Cute Bunny Easy


Drawing a cute bunny doesn’t have to be intimidating or complicated. With a little patience, practice and creativity, anyone can easily draw a charming bunny in no time. Whether it’s your first try or you’re a drawing pro, this tutorial offers tips and tricks to draw a realistic and adorable bunny. So grab your pencil and paper and let’s get started!

Section One: The Basic Shape

Drawing the basic shape of your rabbit is the best place to start. First make an oblong shape with a flat bottom. If it helps, think of this shape as the rabbit’s body. Then add two circles for the bunny’s eyes and a jellybean shape for the nose. To complete the drawing, lightly draw two stick arms and two large oval shaped ears.

Section Two: The Details

To make the bunny look realistic and cute, it’s time to add some details. To start, draw the bunny’s mouth with a small upside down “v” shape. Then add texture to the bunny’s body. This is done by lightly drawing small wiggly lines which create a “furry” look. To finish the drawing, add details to the bunny’s ears and eyes. For the eyes, a black dot and two slanted lines work best to create an expression. For the ears, two triangles look great. Plus they can easily show the bunny’s emotion.

Section Three: The Shade

Adding shadows to your bunny can really bring the drawing to life. Shade the bunny’s arms, chest and legs using a combination of dark and light strokes. Don’t forget little strokes to show fur. Then use darker strokes to add darker shades to the rabbit’s face, ears and tail. It might take a few attempts to get the right look but don’t be discouraged. With enough practice, you’ll get it the way you want.

Section Four: The Finishing Touches

To wrap up your drawing, add two furry circles to the bunny’s feet and draw a few whiskers around the nose. Then rub out any unnecessary lines to make a neater drawing. For an extra touch, add color to your bunny drawing by using colored pencils or watercolors. With added color, your drawing will look even brighter and more realistic. Congratulations! Your bunny masterpiece is now ready to show off!

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