How To Draw A Cute Dog Step By Step

Drawing a Cute Dog Step By Step

Time to unleash your inner artist and bring your furry friend to life! Drawing a cute pup doesn’t need to be difficult; it only needs a few simple steps to master. Put on your creativity hat and you’ll be ready to draw a pup in no time!

To start, lightly sketch out the frame of the pup. You want to begin with the basic shape, then you can add more details as you go. With a pencil and paper, draw an oval for the head and two circles for the eyes. From there, draw a curved triangle for the muzzle and two triangles for the ears.

Once your pup’s frame is complete, use quick, rough brushstrokes to add the fur. Start by drawing around the edges of the head and body with long, sweeping lines. Then, draw patterns of ruffled fur around the pup’s face to give him an extra wild, lil’ personality.

Once your pup’s fur detail is complete, you can add the defining features. Start with the eyes using dark circles with white circles inside, then draw two tiny triangles for the ears and one for the nose. You can also add a tongue and whiskers for an extra level of camouflage!

Finally, use a black pen to trace your pup from the beginning frame onward and erase your rough pencil sketches. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can draw a bone in his mouth, add special markings, or draw a collar around his neck. Whatever you do, your pup will look extra cute in the end.

Now it’s time to give your pup a personality! Use the fur details to give your pup a wild and unique buzz cut. Make him look like an explorer or rugged outdoorsman or give him a spiky punk hair-do. You can also add in some accessories to personalize him even more.

Draw a bandanna of your pup’s favorite color, a bow tie, or a cool pair of shades. This will make him look extra cute and give him a unique sense of style. If you’re feeling extra brave, make it a surprise and draw an outspoken backpack for your pup to carry around.

Now that your pup is complete, make sure he’s looking his best by adding the finishing touches. Use dark, detailed lines to make sure everything looks nice and tidy, then go back and add in some cuteness features. Take some time to draw a little smile, change the shape of the facial features, and add some more fur details to make your pup look as natural and cuddly as possible.

And there you have it! With just a few simple steps, you have successfully drawn your very own pup that is as cute and spunky as they come. Now you can show off your awesome drawing skills to your friends, family, and even your pup!

Adding Pup Colors

Adding color to your pup drawing is a great way to make it look extra colorful and unique. Depending on the pup’s look and attitude, you can use any colors for the fur, eyes, and markings. You can even mix and match colors for a unique and vibrant pup.

Using colored pencils, markers, or paints, look for colors that will go best with your pup’s look. Go for classic shades like brown, black, and grey or be brave and try some more daring colors like light pink, an earthy green, or an electric blue. There are tons of possibilities so have fun with it!

Start by filling in the main body of your pup using the lightest color you chose. Then, add in the darker accents and markings to give your pup detail. You can also draw some shadings of fur to make the pup look more lifelike, as well as add a few highlights for extra shine.

When you’re done filling in the pup’s colors, go back through it and make sure all of the colors blend naturally and that the pup looks extra cute. This is the part where you can really show off your creativity and make the pup into your own masterpiece.

Once your pup looks like a colorful work of art, don’t forget to proudly display it! Place it on the wall, share it on social media, or even use it as a creative accessory for your favorite bag or notebook.

Drawing Backgrounds

Once you have your pup all finished, adding a background can give extra life and perspective to the drawing. You can either go for a basic and simple background, or draw something more intricate and stylish.

If you want to keep it simple, draw a park or beach setting with a few trees and sand or clouds and rolling hills. If you want to take it up a notch, draw cartoon-style houses, buildings, or even a city landscape.

You can also add some extra items like toys, leashes, snacks, and other fun goodies for your pup’s adventures. Just make sure to add subtle details so that all focus is on your pup. You can have fun playing around with colors and shapes.

Once your background is finished, you can give it more depth by adding shadows with a darker color pencil or yellow-tinged highlights with a white pencil. Either way, your pup will look extra colorful and stylish on his new adventure.

Adding Depth to Your Drawing

If you want to give your pup even more of a realistic look, adding shadows and highlights to the fur will really make it come alive. Start by using a light gray marker or colored pencil to draw shadows underneath the pup’s nose, cheeks, and chin. This will give the pup a more natural shadowed look.

You can also use the same colors to fill in the fur and draw the pup’s motifs. If you want to make the pup look extra 3D, try drawing fur in the same direction on different areas of the pup’s body. This will give your pup a naturally fluffy look.

To add extra highlights, draw with a white marker or colored pencil at the edges of the fur and highlight the pup’s eyes, nose, and markings. This will bring out the pup’s details even more and make it look really vibrant.

And lastly, use a black pen to trace your pup again and make the lines look extra crisp and clean. Erase all the rough pencil sketches you made at the beginning and the pup should look extra cute and finished.


There you have it – now you have all the simple steps you need to draw your own pup! Drawing a pup doesn’t have to be hard as long as you have the right supplies, imagination, and patience. So go ahead, get creative, and draw a pup that looks just as cute as your real-life pup! Who knows, you may even become the pup-portrait artist of your neighborhood.

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