How To Draw A Cute Easy Puppy

How To Draw A Cute Easy Puppy

Your furry best friend can now be on your canvas! Everyone loves a good puppy drawing. As an artist, even if you rarely draw, you may want to draw a cute puppy drawing at some point. Whether you’re an aspiring pet portrait artist or just looking for an adorable pup to color in, nothing’s quite as rewarding as a successfully completed puppy drawing. To help you out, here’s a few tips on how to draw your own furry masterpieces.

Getting Started – Keys to Sketching an Easily Recognizable Pup

The key to a good puppy drawing is a well-crafted sketch. Even if you’re going for a cartoonish look, it’s important to get a few major elements right. Start by defining the pup’s head shape. Try to keep it accurate and simplified, since the rest of your drawing will be built around it. Don’t forget about a few essential elements of a dog’s nose and eyes, even if you’re opting for a cartoon look. When sketching facial features, set them far enough apart from each other, so that your pup is instantly recognizable.
Once your pup’s head is sketched, it’s time to add the body. Start out with two circles – one for the chest and one for the hips. A black nose and eyes should take the shape that best-suits the breed of your pup. If you’re not sure where to start, try sketching a chubby French bulldog or a sassy Chihuahua. From there, you can add the four legs using straight lines and then the tail using a curved line. The trickiest part is probably the tail, so if it’s your first puppy drawing, you can draw it afterwards.

Adding Fur To Your Pup

With your sketch perfected and ready for defining, it’s time to add some much-needed texture. Furry companions look the cutest when their fur is sketched in with short lines. These lines should go from the top of the pup’s body to the ground, defining the fur’s direction. Pay attention to where the puppy’s belly and back are located and draw your lines more diligently in those areas. If you’d like to, highlight the pup’s tail with long strokes that shape the fur coming out of it, helping indicate the wiggling action.
When the puppy’s fur is done, it’s time to add shadows and highlights. Use a soft pencil and choose light and dark tones to bring your pup to life. Draw soft lines using the direction of the fur to outline the puppy’s muscles and give it a 3D look. You could also draw little shadows on the pup’s ears and cheeks. Try to mix the different tones to give your drawing an integrated and natural look.

The Finishing Touches

With the body finished, all that’s left is the pup’s eyes. Draw larger eyes for puppies and slightly smaller ones for adult dogs, depending on the breed. Again, pay attention to the shape of your pup’s eyes and how far they are apart. Then draw the nose using two circles and a small line in the middle to give it a 3D look. Once this is done, you can use small strokes to represent the pup’s feathers or, if it’s a Chihuahua, use a small round tip for the snout.
The last step to finish our pup drawing is adding small details. These may include the fur around the pup’s neck, on its ears, or texture on its tail. Add some texture and depth to your pup’s eyes by darkening a corner and leaving the other side light. Take your time and have fun with it!

Final Touch-up and Coloring In

Now that your pup sketch is done, it’s time for the final touches. This includes erasing the lines that you don’t want, as well as adding extra elements. Try to add interesting and unexpected elements like spots on the pup’s back or whiskers on the snout. Once you’ve added and erased whatever you need to, it’s time to color your pup in and make it pop.
Think about the pup’s fur color and markings when you’re sketching your pup. Is it a black-and-white Shih-Tzu or a white French Bulldog? Pick colors that match the breed you’re sketching and that will make your pup look even cuter than it already is. Also have fun with the background color and even add accessories such as hats or bows to give your pup a personal touch.

Take Your Time and Have Fun

Drawing a cute and easy puppy can be as simple or complex as you want. If you’re feeling lost, take a look at some photos of different puppies and start from there. Keep it simple and let your creativity flow. The most important aspect is to have fun with it! Draw, erase, and draw again until you achieve the exact look you’re going for. A puppy drawing is a perfect way to let your creativity shine!

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