How To Draw A Cute Koala

How to Draw a Cute Koala:
Drawing this fuzzy marsupial is easier than you think! With just a few simple steps, you will be able to create a beautiful koala that anyone would want to cuddle.
1. Start With the Head
Begin with a rough sketch of the head and face of your koala. Focus on getting the oval shape of the head down correctly and make sure to add some small ears along the sides.
After you have the head and face down, start working in the details. Draw in some expressive eyes, a small nose and maybe a little bit of fur. This is a great opportunity to be creative – add some wild fur patterns or dreamy eyes and make your koala truly unique.
Don’t forget the signature koala smile – make sure it’s a friendly one!
Once you have the face looking as cute as you’d like, move on to the body.
2. Create the Body
Koalas are known for their stubby, chubby bodies – and this is a great way to start. Sketch out a rounded body and define the stomach with the neutral color you’ve been using so far.
Your koala should have two big paws that are ideal for hugging its tree. Draw in two ovals on each side of the body and wrap the fingers around the trunk for a precious koala pose.
Don’t forget to add in the little claws and fur detailing around the paws – these are essential for creating the cute koala look!
Before you finish, don’t forget to draw an equally fluffy tail for your koala, too.
3. Color It In
Koalas are super fuzzy, so make sure to choose a color that looks furry. A light gray or light brown work best! Use different shades of gray to give your koala a realistic texture, or use bolder browns to really make your koala stand out.
When you’re finished, you’ll have an amazing koala to call your own!
4. Add the Environment
Now that you have your koala, it’s time to find it a home. Koalas prefer the trees, so draw in a few branches or a trunk where your koala can sit and snooze. Add some clouds and leaves to give it some context, and draw in some grass beneath the tree trunk to give it a realistic touch.
If you’d like, you can add in some other animals or plants to have a full koala habitat.
The final step is to add in some details. Color in the leaves and touch up the clouds to make your koala’s environment look complete.
5. Enjoy Your Koala!
Look at this fuzzy little friend! Your koala turned out so cute, you may never want to let go. Share your masterpiece with friends and family and show off your newfound koala-drawing skills! There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your hard work come to life.

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