How To Draw A Cute Shark

How To Draw A Cute Shark

With so many beloved creatures in the ocean, it’s no wonder that everyone loves sharks, especially the cute ones! Whether you’re new to drawing, or have some experience, drawing a cute shark is a great place to start. Drawing a cute shark is easier than you think, and remember – practice makes perfect.

Gathering Supplies

First things first, you’ll need a few supplies. To begin, all you need is a pencil, eraser, paper, and a sharpener – simple! Make sure your paper isn’t too thick or too thin, this will make it easier for yourself when you draw.

Sketching the Outline

Once you have the supplies, sketch the outline of your shark. Start with a triangular or teardrop shape for the head, then draw a large fin for the body, and end with a long triangle for the tail. To make your shark look cuter, add a couple of triangles for its eyes.

Drawing the Details

Now the fun part – draw the details! Start with the fins and tail near the body, then move on to the eyes and the mouth. Don’t forget the gills and spots, these add extra character and make your shark look more realistic. Make sure to erase any mistakes, and add shading where needed.

Adding Color

Once you’re done with the sketch and details, it’s time to add some color! Use your markers, colored pencils, or crayons to give your shark a bit of life. Some cute colors to choose from could be pink, yellow, blue, or orange – mix and match any colors of your choice to make your shark even cuter.

Finishing Up

Finally, to give your shark its finishing touches, add more shading and unique textures to make your shark look even more lively and unique. The possibilities are endless – the goal is to make your shark look original and beautiful. Now, your sweet and cuddly shark masterpiece is ready!

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