How To Draw A Cute Snowman

Drawing a Cute Snowman

Bring on the winter wonderland and mush up marshmallows for a sweetly snowman adventure! Drawing a snowman is an easy and fun activity for kids of all ages. Follow this guide to painting this magic winter creature, and you’ll end up with a crazily cute snowman!

Materials Needed

Grab yourself some paper, some color markers or pencils, and preferably tissues paper or something similar to draw the snowman. Plus, gather the marshmallows and the winter accessories, such as hats, gloves, and scarves, to decorate and customize your snowman. You can add craft sticks, bells and shiny beads which are available at any store to give it a unique look.

Steps To Make The Snowman

The first thing to do is to draw the largest circle, for the head and body. Don’t forget to add details, like the buttons and eyes, with markers or pencils. Give your snowman a cheerful smile by drawing a curved line and two dots for the eyes. To draw the middle piece, which will be the waist, draw a slightly smaller circle just below the head circle. Create the arms by adding two straight lines. And, now your snowman is ready to start looking magical with the decorations.

Decorations To Make It Look Like A Real Snowman

From mittens, scarves, and hats, this will become a perfectly magical winter creature. Accessorize! To give it a sweeter look, let’s add the marshmallows on the head. Don’t forget to add them on the middle piece as well. Now your snowman is looking cuter by the minute, but let’s not forget to draw the carrot nose! To finalize the design, fill it with little white dots all over the body using a white color pencil or a white pen to represent snow.

Craft Sticks & Bells

Create hands by drawing two lines which should be equal in size, and attach the craft sticks. Add different sized bells to the craft sticks and beads if you want! You can even add beaded necklaces or earrings if you want to get creative. Finally, once you are satisfied with the look of your snowman, add your favorite winter accessories to complete it.

Caring For Your Snowman

Once you have completed the design, remember to be gentle while playing with your snowman. Store it in a cool and dry place. Use a damp cloth to wipe off any dirt or dust. It is important to not leave your snowman in direct sunlight as it might fade away. Enjoy your time with your cute snowman and have a wonderful time!

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