How To Draw A Dolphin For Kids

Drawing a cute, cuddly dolphin can seem like a difficult task, but it doesn’t need to be! With a bit of patience and creativity, you can create a masterpiece your kids will be proud of. Here’s how to draw a dolphin for kids!

Step 1: Prep with Basics

First, you’ll want to prep your canvas by gathering all the basic supplies: a sharp pencil, paper, eraser, and a drawing board. You’ll also want to warm up your imagination with a few sketches of basic dolphin shapes. Try sketching some circles and oval shapes, as well as wavy lines. Drawing these basics first will help your kids to get an idea of the basic shapes for their dolphin.

Step 2: Put the Pencil to Paper

Now it’s time to start putting the pencil to paper! Begin by drawing an oval shape for the dolphin’s body. Make sure your kid refrains from pressing too hard – erasing pencil marks is easier if you don’t press down too hard. Then, add two round eyes and two small circles for the nostrils. There are also two thin lines on either side of the body for the flukes, and two large ones for the dorsal fin.

Step 3: Perfect the Details

Next, you’ll want to focus on perfecting the details of the dolphin’s body. Start by adding wavy lines to the belly and back of the dolphin. This adds texture and adds a more realistic look to the dolphin. You can also have your kid draw in a smile and a few more details that make the dolphin look friendly and inviting. For more details, like bumps and other markings, you can add some lines with a softer pencil.

Step 4: Color Away!

The last step is to add some color to your dolphin masterpiece! Using bright, eye-catching colors will make your dolphin come to life. Start by choosing a light blue or light green color for the body and then slowly add in details with darker colors. For example, adding some magenta to the eyes or pink to the belly will give your dolphin character. Darker colors near the fins will also help enhance the details of the drawing.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

We’re almost done! Now it’s time for the finishing touches, like adding splashes of white for highlights and adding a few more details to make it perfect. To make your dolphin look more realistic, you can also draw in little waves and sea foam. And don’t forget to add some sparkles and shimmer for added effect. Once these final touches are in place, your dolphin will be ready to take center stage on any wall.

There you have it — you and your kids know how to draw a dolphin! With enough patience and imagination, you can create a stunning piece of art your kids will be proud to show off!

Step 6: Drawing with Imagination

To make the dolphins look even more unique, have your kids draw a few more dolphins with their own creativity! Start with the same basic shapes, but add more color and details for a one-of-a-kind dolphin. They can also add in their own personal touches, like painting the body with a rainbow of colors or adding extra fins. Letting their imaginations run wild will help to create a unique, beautiful dolphin your kids will be proud of and enjoy every day.

Step 7: Going the Extra Mile

If you want to take your dolphin drawing to the next level, you can add some special elements with a few simple techniques. For instance, your kids can draw the dolphin’s tail with a pencil and combine it with a glue, or draw a few dolphins in different sizes and poses, adding a magical underwater feel. You can also try embellishing your dolphin’s body with small pieces of glitter, feathers, and other decorative elements. The possibilities are endless and it’s up to your kids to explore and discover.

Step 8: Making it Last

To make sure your kids’ creation lasts for years to come, you’ll want to spend a little extra time on the finishing touches. Have your kids spray a layer of clear varnish or sealer over their dolphin drawings to protect them from the elements. Then, have them find a safe, dry spot to hang their masterpiece. With the proper care, their dolphin drawing will remain a beautiful part of your home for years to come.

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