How To Draw A Dragon – Cute

How To Draw A Dragon – Cute

Dragons are powerful, mythical creatures steeped in mysterious lore and legend. They’ve been around for centuries, and they’re not going away any time soon. If you’re dreaming of an artistic masterpiece, bring your vision to life with a fantastical dragon! Let’s explore the cuteness of these fabulous creatures and learn how to draw one.

Materials You’ll Need

Creating dragons may seem intimidating, but all you really need is a few basic tools. Get a piece of paper, a pencil, an eraser, and something to shade with like a colored pencil or pen. You can also use a computer illustration program if that’s your style.


Drawing a dragon effectively requires having a clear plan of action. Start by sketching a basic shape such as a heart, oval, or circle. This will help people recognize that your doodle is a dragon. Once the body is established, begin sketching the legs, wings, and tail. You can make the wings a bit bigger than the body or give your dragon an extra tail if you’d like.

Facial Features

Did you know that dragons have facial features, too? All dragons have a mouth, nose, and ears – unless, of course, you’re drawing a headless dragon! Experiment with different shapes for the head as well as the facial features. Make sure to provide enough space for the nostrils, eyes, and mouth to fit. If you’d like, you can draw extra eyes around the head to show that your dragon is an alert, protective creature.

The Scale Melts Hearts

You’re almost done! The final touches will make your dragon look even cuter. Start by cruising your dragon with a variety of scale patterns. Try scribbling scales in spiral and concentric circles, drawing tiny triangle patterns, or making continuous curves for a more abstract look. Don’t forget to add facial features, horns, and a tiny bit of texture for a truly unique dragon.

Tip To The Top

Sometimes it’s the little details that can make your dragon stand out from the crowd. Finishing touches like a dash of color, snazzy accessories, or a sparkly crown can make your dragon look one of a kind. You don’t need to use a lot – just a touch of color or a few sparkles to make your dragon look extra special.

Finishing Up

Congratulations on creating your own cute dragon! Now it’s time to show off your masterpiece. You can share your artwork with your friends and family or even turn it into a charming graphic art piece.

Drawing The Line

Never be afraid to express your creativity. There’s no wrong way to draw a dragon – just let your imagination take charge and make it unique. Allow your dragon to be both strong and soft, noble and mischievous. Don’t be afraid to get creative – perhaps your dragon has a different color, pattern, or scale design than others.

Getting In The Flow

Now that you know the basics, you’ll be ready for your next dragon drawing adventure. To up your game, take some time to watch professional dragon illustrators create their amazing artwork. You never know – you might even discover a few new tricks and techniques!

Make It Mesh

Before you begin a new dragon drawing, review the basic steps and practice drawing a few simple scales. Get accustomed to the sketching and shading process, and let all your ideas flow. Keep experimenting, and become the master of your own dragon craft!

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