How To Draw A Easy Cartoon

Drawing a cartoon doesn’t just require a creative touch and great imagination, but also a desire to bring joy and humor. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, following the right techniques will help you create a unique and eye-catching cartoon character in no time. So, let’s dive right in and explore some of the best tricks and tips to draw a funny cartoon character easily.

Use basic shapes to draw the outlines

One of the simplest ways to draw a cartoon character is to use basic shapes like circles and rectangles for its body parts. For example, you can draw a head using a circle and the body using a rectangle. This technique helps to create a basic outline for the cartoon. You can then add further details to give the character more definition and make it look realistic.

Start drawing with the eyes

The eyes should always be the starting point when you’re drawing a cartoon character. You can draw the eyes in different shapes and sizes depending on your cartoon character. You can also add colors and details to the eyes to make them stand out and bring more life to your cartoon character.

Experiment with colors

Another great way to make your cartoon stand out is by experimenting with colors. Not all cartoon characters have to be bright and colorful; you can use a combination of dark and light colors to create a unique look. You can also use different hues and shades to give the cartoon character more depth and character.

Add symmetry for a balanced look

Symmetry plays an important role when drawing cartoons. This helps to make the character look balanced and well-proportioned. So, make sure you keep the arms, legs, and other body parts of your cartoon character in perfect symmetry for a professional look.

Include some props and accessories

Adding props and accessories to a cartoon character is one of the best ways to make it look more interesting. For example, you can add a hat, glasses, or other items to add more personality to your cartoon character. You can also use your props and accessories to convey a certain message or tell a story.

Create your own unique style

Finally, it’s important to develop your own unique style of drawing cartoons. There are no rules when it comes to drawing cartoons, so feel free to experiment and let your creativity flow. Once you’ve discovered your own unique style, you can use it to create unique and captivating cartoon characters.

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