How To Draw A Easy Ninja

How To Draw An Easy Ninja

Are you up for the challenge? Drawing a simple yet stunning ninja is easier than you think. Whether you are a beginner or experienced artist, this step-by-step guide will help bring your vision to life. From the details of the face to the contours of the body, everything is possible with a little bit of creativity, patience, and practice. Let’s get started on your journey to becoming a ninja warrior!

1. Choose A Reference Image

The best way to get started on your ninja drawing is to choose a reference image. There are so many different ways to portray a ninja so pick one that resonates with you. Once you’ve chosen your reference image, take the time to study it and really pay attention to the details. This will help give you a clear vision for how you want your drawing to look. Plus, it will make the process easier in the long run.

2. Sketch Out The Basic Shapes

Now that you have a reference image, it’s time to start sketching. Start by drawing the basic shapes of the head and body. The head should be an oval shape, while the body should be an elongated rectangle. It’s important to get your proportions right at this stage so take your time. Don’t be afraid to take breaks or start over if need be.

3. Add The Features Of A Ninja

Now that you’ve sketched out the basic shapes, it’s time to add the features of a ninja. Draw the pointed ears, triangular eyes, and curved mouth. For the clothing, draw a long sleeve shirt and baggy pants. Also, add any props you’d like such as a sword, staff, or bow and arrow. This can help to give your drawing a more authentic look.

4. Coloring And Finishing Touches

Once you’ve completed sketching out the features of your ninja, it’s time to add color. Use your reference image as a guide and choose colors that complement each other. Then, add any finishing touches such as shadows, highlights, or texture. This will help give your drawing a more polished look and make it stand out from the rest.

5. Practice And Have Fun

Drawing a ninja can take some practice, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it right away. Have fun with it and use your imagination to create an artistic masterpiece. Over time, your skills will improve and you’ll be able to easily draw a ninja in no time!

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