How To Draw A Easy Reindeer

Do you have what it takes to draw a majestic reindeer? If yes, you’re in luck! Drawing a reindeer is simpler than it sounds, and with a few simple tips, you’ll be creating reindeer art effortlessly in no time at all. To draw a reindeer, all you need are a few supplies, your creative spirit and a sprinkle of imagination. So, let’s get started!

Start off with a pencil and your favorite drawing paper. Before you begin, think about the size of the reindeer you want to draw and the space you’d like it to fill. To make drawing easier, divide up your paper into sections. A reindeer typically has the same body shape of a horse, so you can use those measurements as guidelines.

At the top of your paper, map out the basic outline of the reindeer’s head. This will help you create a frame when you move down the body. When you’re drawing the head, make sure to add the antlers. Reindeers are distinguished by their large, unmistakable antlers. Give the reindeer a bit of personality with the antlers—a set of tall, thin antlers or a wide-reaching set. A zig-zaggy line will help you illustrate the shape of the antlers.

Next, move down the body to the middle and draw an oval-like shape for the body. Make sure to leave enough room for the legs. After you finish the body outline, draw circles for the legs and then begin to draw the hooves. The hooves should be slightly curved like a horseshoe with a long and thin shape.

Now that you have built the basic frame, it’s time to give the reindeer some life! Start off with adding fur lines, as this will give the reindeer a more realistic touch. Different reindeers will have various types and lengths of fur, so use your creative freedom to make your very own unique reindeer. Create more personality in your reindeer by adding facial features—big eyes and a wide nose. Have fun and fill your creation with as much life as you like!

Now that your reindeer is finished, spruce it up with bold colors, pastels or whatever you please! You can also use a variety of mediums, such as markers, crayons, chalk or watercolors, to express yourself and make your reindeer art pop. Don’t worry if you mess up; embracing mistakes will help create a masterpiece of art.

Drawing a reindeer can be a exhilarating experience and will leave you feeling full of accomplishment. This project is a great way to express creativity and explore art. After you finish your drawing, share it with friends and family and get their feedback. Then you can share it on social media, hang it up your walls or make it into a Christmas card. Before you know it, you’ll be a budding Picasso and well on your way to building a collection of reindeer artwork.

When starting out, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes help build character and creativity, so allow yourself the opportunity to make some. With the right dose of creativity and enthusiasm, you’ll be able to draw a simple but stunning reindeer art that looks like it was created by a professional.

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