How To Draw A Easy Tank

How To Draw A Easy Tank

Many people struggle to draw tanks correctly, but it doesn’t have to be so hard! Drawing a tank is surprisingly simple once you understand the fundamental principles. With practice and some helpful tips, you can have a realistic tank drawing in no time.

Gather Supplies

Gather all the supplies you need before you begin drawing. Choose your sketch pad, pencils, and erasers so you don’t need to stop and search when you’re drawing.

Locate a Reference Image

Now that you have the supplies you need, locate a reference image that shows the tank you want to draw. It can be a picture of a real tank, a toy tank, or a cartoon tank. This reference image will help your eyes make sense of the shapes and forms you’re manipulating with your pencil.

Draw the Outline of the Tank

Once you have your reference image, it’s time to start sketching the tank. Take your pencil and draw the whole outline of the tank first. Don’t worry too much about accuracy here; worry about getting the overall shape down.

Start Adding Features

Now that you have the outline down, you can start adding features. Adding the tracks takes a delicate touch; you want to make them look realistic as they curve around the tank. Then add detail to your tank, like viewports or other embellishments.

Sharpen the Details

Once you’ve added the necessary features, you can erase any unnecessary lines and make sure that everything fits together correctly. Take your time and be precise, after all the real goal is to have a realistic tank drawing.

Shade and Color the Tank

Shading and coloring a tank can take your drawing to the next level. Have fun here; you can use bright colors to give a cartoonish feel or dark colors to lend a realistic touch. You can even mix it up; a bright yellow tank with a glossy black finish looks great.

Showcase Your Tank Drawing

Finally, you can proudly show off your tank drawing. Hang it up on the wall so everyone can admire it, or just keep it all to yourself. Either way, you can take satisfaction in knowing that you’ve achieved something truly remarkable.

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