How To Draw A Emo Girl Step By Step

Emo girls are so captivating! They are often misunderstood and deemed to be moody; however, the truth is that emo girls are incredibly expressive and full of character. Drawing them can be incredibly therapeutic, as it allows you to get lost in the simple act of creating something beautiful. Follow this simple tutorial, and you will be able to draw an emo girl in no time.

Gather Your Materials

You will need a pencil and some paper – and nothing more! Choose a good quality of paper that is smooth and gives you a good grip on the pencil. You could also use a drawing block if you prefer.

Plan the Structure

A good drawing is all about having a solid plan before starting. This is generally easier with a pencil, so grab your pencil and sketch out a rough idea of the shape and of the placement of the eyes, nose, mouth and other facial features. Think about what kind of emotion you want to portray and sketch out a few ideas. Sketching without erasing is key, as erasing can create smudges, which are very unhelpful when drawing.

Drawing the Outline

Now take your pencil and start drawing the outline. Keep your lines slightly curved so that it looks more feminine and organic. Focus on drawing eyes, as these will determine the entire expression of your drawing. Eyes can be complex to draw, so make sure you sketch a few ideas before selecting the one you like the best. Remember to add details, like eyelashes and eyebrows.

Add Colours and Shading

Grab an eraser, and erase any extra lines or smudges so that your canvas is nice and clean. Start filling in the outlines with coloring pencils, using different shades to create contrast. Once you have colored in the eyes, you can use a darker shade to create a smoky, mysterious look. Then, you can further add details, like highlighting the face to create more dimension, or adding blush and lip color. Finally, to create a striking emo girl, add a few black tears running down their face.

Finishing Touches

To give your drawing an extra touch of realism, add a few highlights and shadows. You can use a white gel pen to make subtle highlights on the hair and facial features. Then, use a darker shade to create shadows and create more depth. You could also choose to add some glitter and sequins for a more dramatic effect. Lastly, if you’re feeling creative, you can enhance your drawing with some ink. Draw some delicate lines and shapes for a tattoo-like effect.

Create Your Own Emo Girl

Now it’s time to let your imagination fly and create your own unique emo girl. Experiment with various emotions and styles, and try to incorporate a variety of materials, like glitter and ink. Have fun and let your creativity shine!

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