How To Draw A Fence

How To Draw A Fence

Drawing a fence requires some skill and patience. The reward is that when it’s done, it can become an artful highlight to your garden or yard. Before we start, let’s look at the essential items for a simple wooden fence.
You need a saw and a hammer, of course. You can also use a saw blade and a drill for holes. Wood pieces should be long enough for the panels, with additional pieces for posts, supports, and a gate. A ruler or measuring tape is necessary to measure the fence size and angle, and the drill bit needs to be properly sized for the job.
For the a professional finish, some people like to use paint or stain to protect the wood, while others prefer to leave it natural. To make sure the fence is properly erected, use proper screws and bolts.
Before beginning construction, you should decide on a fence height, picket spacing and style. Picket spacing should be kept consistent and gaps between the fence and the ground should be kept to a minimum. Draw a diagram of the whole fence to help you figure out what goes where and mark out the spots where the posts will go in the ground.
The first step is to dig the postholes. Use a posthole digger or a shovel and dig deep enough for the post to be secured. After that is done, insert the posts into the holes and tamp the soil down around them. Then set the posts into place by pouring concrete around the posts.
When the concrete dries, you can begin installing the fence slats. With horizontal slats, the first one should be attached to the top post and the bottom one should be tied to the levels below. For vertical slats, start by attaching them to the posts, then the next one needs to tie to the first and the third attached to the posts below.
Finally, install the gate at the desired location. Apart from fitting the posts and measuring the desired width, keeping it level is key. Make sure you use the right type of latch and mount that correctly.
If you want to give the fence an extra layer of protection, use nails that won’t rust and stain or paint the fence. You can also replace the slats with ones made from other materials such as plastic or metal.
It’s always important to take safety precautions and wear protective eye wear, when cutting the wood or driving the nails. Take your time and use the correct equipment for the job, and watch your fence gracefully come together.

Caring For Your Fence

A wooden fence will require some amount of maintenance to keep it in good condition. The frequency of maintenance depends on how exposed the fence is and how much it gets used. For fences that are not exposed to the elements, regular cleaning at least two times a year is a good idea. Make sure you use the right cleaning solutions and don’t blast the wood with a pressure washer as that can damage the wood.
You should also inspect the fence regularly for signs of damage and repair any loose boards or posts. Excessive wear, decay or insect damage may require professional attention. It’s best to spot treat any damage before it gets worse.
If you stained or painted the fence, you will need to touch up or even repaint it every few years or so. For a naturally weathered look, leave the wood to be bleached by the sun and the rain.

Installing Other Types Of Fence

Wood is the most common material for making fences, but other materials such as vinyl, metal and bamboo can also be used. Each of these fencing materials has its own pros and cons, so be sure to do your research before deciding which one to choose.
Vinyl fencing is low maintenance, strong and easy to install. However, it can be expensive and is not great for extreme climates. Then there is metal fencing which can last for many years if taken care of properly. However, it can be more difficult to install and can be susceptible to rusting.
Bamboo is another popular choice of material because it is elegant and low maintenance. But it can be expensive and susceptible to termite damage, so it’s best to look for a product that is treated for insect resistance.

Incorporating Your Fence Into Your Garden

As well as letting light and air into your garden, fences can also be used to make your outdoor space look more appealing. To do that, you can add trellises to create a more decorative fence. This can be done by attaching panels of wood or other materials to the fence to make it look more elegant.
You can also plant vines, flowering plants, and low growing shrubs along the fence to add colour, life and shade to your garden. If you want a more bold statement, you can build raised planters or even hang baskets from the fence. This will make your garden look more vibrant and alive with colour.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

While erecting a fence may seem simple enough for most people, there are some common mistakes that people make when DIY’ing a fence:
Firstly, always make sure the fence size and angle is properly measured as inaccuracy in these areas could throw the entire fence out of alignment. Secondly, when it comes to building the fence, use only the appropriate screws and bolts for the job to ensure your fence is secure enough to withstand the elements.
Thirdly, when setting posts into the ground, people sometimes overestimate the depth of the holes and end up with posts that are pushed up by the ground. Make sure to dig the postholes deeply enough to support the posts securely. Last but not least, never skimp on the tools. Have the right saw and drill bits to make cutting and installing easier.

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