How To Draw A Five Point Star

Drawing a five-point star is a great way to add some pizzazz to a drawing or painting. Whether you’re sprucing up a summer painting project or just looking for something cool to do with your free time, it’s a fun and relatively simple process. Here’s how to draw a five-point star in just a few easy steps.
Section 1: Outlining the Star
The first step in drawing a five-point star is to create an outline. Start by drawing a five-sided polygon with equal sides, like a box with squished corners. Keep in mind that the interior angles of a polygon should add up to 540 degrees; with five equal sides, each interior angle should be 108 degrees.
Now draw two horizontal and two vertical lines that intersect the center of each side. This should create five points. At this stage, the star should look like a pentagon with four extra lines added in the middle. Make sure all lines are of equal length for a perfect star.
Section 2: Adding Details
Now it’s time to start adding details to the star. Starting from the outside, draw a curved line along each side of the pentagon. Start at the point where the horizontal and vertical lines intersect and draw the curves to meet the end of the straight edges. For a more curved, realistic look, try tapering the curve a bit.
Next, draw four more curves that meet at the center of the pentagon. If you have experience with drawing circles, this might feel a bit easier as it’s similar to drawing a circle divided into five equal parts. As before, try to make the curves look a bit more natural and realistic by slighting tapering them.
Section 3: Adding Color
Adding color to your five-point star brings it to life. You can use highlighters, crayons, oil pastels, or any other art medium that you prefer. Begin by coloring in the outlines of the pentagon and each curved line.
For a more dramatic look, color the five points with a lighter hue and cover the rest of the star with a darker shade. To make it really sparkle, try using glitter, prismatic pens, and other fun art supplies. Whatever your choice, make sure to pick colors that complement each other.
Section 4: Tracing and Refining
Once you’ve finished coloring in the star, it’s time to trace the outlines and refine the image. Start by tracing your five-point star onto a sheet of tracing paper. This will help to further emphasize the crisp lines and sharp points.
You can also use a thin marker to add shading to the star. This will help to emphasize the details and create a seamless transition from the outside points to the ones in the middle of the star.
Finally, erase any smudges or extra pencil lines so your five-point star is perfectly symmetrical. With all these steps complete, you’ll have a beautiful, five-point star that looks perfect for a drawing or painting.

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