How To Draw A Flower Vase

Drawing a flower vase is easy, yet challenging – but with a few tricks, you’ll master it in no time. To start, grab your sketchbook and a pencil, pencil sharpener, and eraser and get ready to draw.


When drawing a flower vase, it’s important to get the proportions right. Start by lightly jotting down the major components of the vase, starting with the bottom and working your way up. Create sections for the body of the vase, the shoulder, and the neck. If you want to make it look realistic, you can use a cylindrical object, like a roll of paper, as a reference.

Structure and Edges

Once you’ve sketched out the main parts of the vase, it’s time to add structure. Start by drawing straight and curved lines to create the shape of the vase and where the sides rest. Make sure you take your time, and draw lightly so you can easily correct any mistakes. Remember to add in the bottom and top edges of the vase – these will give your drawing an extra level of detail and it will look more realistic.


When you’re finished with the basic shape of the vase, you can move onto the details. You can add texture for a more realistic look or keep it simple with clean lines. If you’re adding texture, use short, light strokes to create a subtle effect. You’ll also want to draw the handles and spout of the vase – make sure you draw them correctly and make them visually balanced.


Once the drawing is finished, you can add color. For a realistic effect, you can pick a color that is similar to the vase you are drawing. Then, using color pencils or markers, add subtle shadowing along the edges and darken the shadows that create the structure of the vase. It’s up to you to decide how colorful you want the vase to be.

Drawing a flower vase is easy but it takes practice and patience to get the proportions and details just right. Keep practicing and keep your sketchbook handy to store all the vases you draw. Soon, you’ll have a collection of flower vases you can be proud of!

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