How To Draw A Hippo Step By Step

How To Draw A Hippo Step By Step

Drawing a hippo isn’t as tricky as it seems – with the right step-by-step guide anyone can learn to draw a hippo with realistic details. So put aside any fears of your drawing resembling a goat and get ready to become an expert hippo drawer!

Get the Proportions Right

Start sketching out the basic proportions for your hippo drawing. First, draw an oval for the body and then smaller circles for the back legs and feet. Sketch our two large circles for the eyes and then draw a larger triangle for the hippo’s mouth. Don’t worry about details – just be sure to get the overall proportions and shape of the hippo right.

Next, Add the Details

Once the proportions of your hippo drawing are in place, you can start adding the details. Use a ruler to draw a grid over your drawing and start adding the details in each section – these details can include things like the hippo’s nose, eyes, fur, and wrinkles.

Now Add the Finishing Touches

To give your hippo drawing an extra bit of realism and character, add the finishing touches. Use a dampened paintbrush to give your hippo some fur, and add some wrinkles and extra lines to give the drawing a bit more dimension. You can also add details to the eyes and mouth to give your hippo drawing some more character.

Incorporate Color

Now it’s time to give your hippo drawing some color! Use watercolor pencils or markers to add some color to your hippo. Start with the lightest colors, like beige or tan, and then gradually add darker and richer hues like grey and brown. You can also use a dampened paintbrush to blend different colors together for a more lifelike look.

Give it the Final Touches

Add the final touches by using a sharp pencil to draw hairs and fine details, such as whiskers. Decide how you want to color the hair and whiskers, and then use a very light shade of watercolor pencils or markers to draw them in. Add a few highlights to finish off your hippo drawing and you’re done!
Drawing a hippo doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a few simple steps, anyone can learn how to draw a hippo with satisfying results. Start by sketching the basic proportions of your hippo and then add the details. Incorporate color and then finish off your drawing by adding the final touches. With patience and practice you’ll soon be able to draw a hippo like a pro!

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