How To Draw A Horse Head Easy

Introduction to Drawing a Horse Head

Have you ever wanted to draw a perfect horse head? It’s easier than you might think! Drawing a horse head is a great way to build your artistic skills, no matter what your level of experience. In this article, we’ll show you the key steps for mastering the art of drawing a horse head quickly and easily.

Preparing to Draw a Horse Head

Before you get started, it’s important to know how to prepare for drawing a horse head. This includes gathering the necessary supplies, deciding on a pose for the horse, and brainstorming ideas for the composition and colors. Gather your materials, such as a pencil and paper, markers, and paints, and then decide on a pose for the horse. You can make it as simple or as challenging as you’d like!

Sketch the Main Features of the Head

Now that you’re all set up and ready to draw, it’s time to sketch the main features of the head. Start by sketching the basic shape of the head, neck, and muzzle. Then, draw in details like the eyes, nostrils, ears, and mane. Don’t forget to add in the details of the horse’s mouth and chin. This is where you can really hone your sketching skills and bring the horse to life!

Bring the Sketch to Life with Color

Once you have the base sketch done, it’s time to bring it to life with color! Start with the base colors, like the coat and mane colors, and then block out the colors for the eyes, muzzle, and face area. From there, you can use different colors and shading techniques to define the details, like the face wrinkles, the muscle definition, and the tail.

Final Touches to Make the Horse Look Realistic

The last step of drawing a horse head is to add in the final touches to make it look realistic. Here, you can use more shading and drawing techniques to really show the texture and depth of the horse head. You can add in the details of the fur, the highlights and shadows, and other features to make the horse look lifelike. Once you’re satisfied with your work, the horse head drawing is complete!


Drawing a horse head is easier than you think. With the right supplies, a steady hand, and plenty of practice, you can create hyper-realistic horse heads in no time! Follow these steps and you’ll be a horse head-drawing master in no time.

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