How To Draw A Howling Wolf

Drawing a howling wolf is a mesmerizing way to express your inner artist. First, you have to have the right supplies. You’ll need a blank canvas, brush sets, and pencils. The next step is to get inspired! Before you grab the pencil to create your masterpiece, look through pictures of wolves howling so that your work will be realistic and lifelike. Get excited and allow the image to come alive in your mind!

Once you have a clear and vivid picture in your mind, start sketching it out, line by line. Grab your pencils, start at the wolves head, and draw the angular outline of its face. Outline the pointed ears and eyes with deliberation, and draw the contours of its nose and mouth. Then, draw the neck, the torso, and the legs, making sure to create clear distinctions between the limbs and body. Don’t forget to draw the tail!

As you draw, pay close attention to the details, you don’t want to miss the power and majesty of this creature, even on paper. Don’t limit yourself to the traditional standard of a wolf. Be creative, draw the bushy fur and the wild eyes in ways that make your howling wolf truly unique. If you want to make your artwork dynamic, practice adding shadows, layering the fur and making lines stand out even further.

When you are feeling confident about your sketch, begin adding color, or shading if you choose. Bold coloring will make your howling wolf come to life, and will add a passionate and powerful tone to it. Fill in the eyes with intense color, so the wolf looks alive and fierce. Then, choose the colors for the body and fur, add shades and highlights to make more depth. Finally, let your imagination take control! Finish off the details and use your creativity to add extra flair.

Now, you might be tempted to stop right away, but now is also the perfect time to add some extra touches. Once you’ve added color and shading, find an empty frame and mount your masterpiece. Once your howling wolf artwork is mounted, admire your work! After all, you have created a vivid and life-like piece of art. Congrats! You have already done the most difficult part and you can now enjoy the magical journey of creating art.

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