How To Draw A Husky Puppy

Getting Started with Drawing A Husky Puppy

Drawing a husky puppy is easy and fun – anyone can learn how to draw with just a few simple tricks. Start by gathering all the materials you need, including paper, pencils, an eraser, and possibly a colored pencil if you want to add color to your artwork. It’s helpful to have a reference image of a husky puppy handy, too. Once you have your supplies, you’re ready to start your masterpiece.

Finding the Perfect Perspective

Before putting pencil to paper, take a close look at your reference image. Finding the perfect perspective can make the difference between a beginner-level sketch and a professional-level portrayal. Look for aspects of the husky puppy that stand out, such as its irresistible eyes and snowflake-white fur. Picking out these features will help you decide on the perfect angle and depth for your drawing.

Using Basic Shapes To Bring Your Canine Creation to Life!

Once you’ve locked into the perfect angle and perspective, take your pencil and draw a few simple shapes that look like the husky puppy. Start with the basic shapes like an oval for its head, a circle for its eyes, and a rectangle for its body. Carefully adding details like fur and whiskers to your shapes will give your husky puppy an epic, realistic look.

Adding Color and Texture to Your Work of Art

Adding color is a fun way to liven up your drawing. Using a colored pencil or some markers, add realistic hues to your husky puppy’s fur, eyes, and nose using a cross-hatching or smearing technique. To create extra depth, choose three or four different shades of grey, black or even white for the fur. Layering each tone over the other will give the illusion of thick, fluffy fur.

Finishing Touches and Detailing

Look at your reference image one last time to make sure your drawing is just right. Check the eyes, ears, and fur to see if any details need adjusting. You can also add little touches like a fluffy tail, or playful tongue to really bring your husky puppy to life. However you want to embellish your drawing is up to you! Once you’ve perfected your artwork, you’re all done – you’ve successfully learned how to draw a husky puppy!

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