How To Draw A Jeff The Killer

Step 1: Get The Image

Grab your favorite sketchbook and your favorite pencils! It won’t take you long to gather all the tools you need for creating your own Jeff the Killer. Next, search the Internet for a good quality picture of the character. When you find a great picture, transfer it to your sketchbook. Making sure the eyes, mouth, and other features of the character remain proportional is extremely important; focus on tracing the original lines and extending them if needed. Time to get your inner artist ready and start drawing!

Step 2: Outline the Face

Now it’s time to draw the face. Trace around the edges of the image until the face starts to appear. Next, go inside the face. Focus on the nose, the eyes, the mouth, and the cheekbones that make Jeff’s face look so iconic. You can make huge improvements by using shadows and highlights. Don’t forget to make a bold outline that will make your character stand out on paper!

Step 3: Add Details

Once the facial features have been traced, it’s time to start adding details to the hair and the clothes. Make sure you get the shape of the hair exactly right, it’s these details that will make Jeff look more like himself. His clothes should also have some extra details; buttons, zipper, and belt loops you can use to fill in the blanks.

Step 4: Final Touches

Now it is time for the final touches! Start by giving Jeff a little bit of color; it is best to use pencils of different shades, as this will make your drawing look more realistic. After you have added some color, it’s time to use your eraser to further refine the details. Now it’s time to show off your creation and share it with everyone!

Step 5: Show off Your Drawing

Now that you’ve finished drawing Jeff the Killer, it’s time to show it off! Post your drawing online to get feedback and tips to make your next drawing even better! Alternatively, you can print out your artwork and hang it in your living room. Having a physical reminder of your progress as an artist will be a great thing to look back on down the line!

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