How To Draw A Jingle Bell

How to Draw a Jingle Bell

When it comes to festive cheer, nothing says Christmas quite like a jingling jingle bell. Drawing a jingle bell can be extremely satisfying, and all it takes to get started is a few simple lines and a little bit of sparkle. With a few simple steps, you can capture the festive joy of a jingle bell in no time!

Step 1: Draw the Basic Shape

Start off by drawing two outward-facing circles. This will be the basic shape of your jingle bell! Add an overlapping crescent shape in the middle, and connect the circles with an inverted ‘Y’. This will be the handle of the bell. You can give the bell more dimension by adding a curved line from one circle to the other and connecting it to the bulbous shape of the body.

Step 2: Add Trimmings and Textures

Make your jingle bell more realistic by adding textures and trimmings. Draw a few lines radiating out from the middle of the bell, and add a few curvy swirls around the edges. Add small lines around the handle, and draw interesting shapes and swirls in the middle of the bell to add interest and detail.

Step 3: Add a Little Sparkle

No jingle bell is complete without a little bit of sparkle! Add small circles and stars around the bell, and a few spirals and twinkles around the handle. Make sure you include some thin, twinkling lines coming out of the center of the bell to give the impression of gentle jingling. You can also go wild with lots of curvy swirls and polka dots.

Step 4: Final Touches

To finish off your jingle bell, use a thick black marker or a white pencil to go over all your lines and make every part of your design pop. This will make sure that all the details of your bell come through clearly and that it looks as festive and wonderful as it should!

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