How To Draw A Kitty Cat

How To Draw A Kitty Cat

Drawing cats is an incredibly fun and rewarding activity that anyone of any age can learn to do. With the right supplies, patience, and practice you can create beautiful artistic renderings of your favorite felines! Whether you want to capture the personality of your favorite kitty or just want to try something new, here are the quick and easy steps on how to draw a kitty cat:

Gather Your Supplies

Gather the supplies you’ll need before you get started: paper, pencils and erasers. Choose a good quality paper for the best results. Start with a soft lead pencil for the initial outline, then switch to a harder lead for details. And don’t forget the eraser; it will help you make corrections as you go.

Draw The Skeleton

Start with the skeleton of your kitty. Draw two circles, one smaller than the other. This will form the head and body of your cat. Then draw four lines extending from both circles, these will be the legs. Sketch lightly so you can erase and adjust them later.

Add The Details

Now that you have the framework of your kitty, you can start adding the details. Start with the head. Add two eyes, a triangle nose and whiskers. Don’t forget the two furry ear-flaps! For the body, draw the tail, add fur ruffles around the neck and chest, and some additional fur markings. Feel free to personalize your kitty to make it look like your own special feline.

Make It Look Realistic

Now that you have your skeleton and details drawn, you can make it look more realistic. Start by adding fur by using multiple small strokes. Give your kitty some color by adding a few patches of yellow or orange with some subtle shading. And lastly, add realistic shading and highlights to give your kitty a three-dimensional look.

Final Touches

Once you are happy with how your kitty looks, you can add on the final touches. Give your kitty some ‘life’ by adding a few highlights to the eyes and mouth. You can give your kitty some color by adding a few patches of yellow or orange with some subtle shading. Test out a few expressions to make your kitty look happy. And if you feel adventurous, draw some accessories to make your kitty stand out.
Really, there are no rules to how you should draw your kitty—it’s totally up to you! So feel free to let your creativity run wild and have some fun! Just remember to take your time and be patient with yourself, and before you know it you’ll have your own very special kitty drawing.

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