How To Draw A Puppie

Instructions to Draw a Puppy

Do you have the desire to draw an adorable pup? Whether you’re an experienced doodler or just beginning, these steps can help you sketch a playful pup. Before you begin, make sure you have the right supplies—you’ll need a pencil, paper, ruler, eraser, and something to color with.

Step 1: Draw the Shape of the Head

Take your pencil and draw two circles: one for the head and one for the snout. These circles don’t have to be perfect; in fact, they shouldn’t be. You can make them fluffy by adding irregular curves to the edges. To create the puppy’s brow, draw an arch above the circles. Add a few smaller circles for the eyes, above the larger circles.

Step 2: Add the Ears and Mouth

For the ears, draw two circles near the top of the head and connect them with curved lines. To give your pup some character, draw the ears in different directions. The mouth should be a simple oval shape with a curved line underneath. For added cuteness, draw a few little lines along the bottom of the mouth.

Step 3: Add Details to the Face

Start with the eyes. Draw two round circles for the pupils and two curved lines for the eyelids. To finish the eyes, draw a few lines radiating out from the pupils to show the reflection of light. Next, draw a curved line across the snout and add a little circle for the nose. You can also add some fur by drawing short, curved lines emanating from the brow and sides of the head.

Step 4: Draw the Neck and Body

To draw the neck, draw a curved line beneath the head. For the torso, create a blanket of fur by drawing short, curved lines. Continue drawing curved lines until you reach the bottom of your canine. To make your pup look extra fluffy, fill the areas with a few more curved lines. To draw the back legs, draw two curved lines following the line of fur on the torso.

Step 5: Add Legs and Tail

Draw two lines for the front legs, bending slightly outward. Don’t forget the little paws! For the back legs, draw two curved lines from the line of fur. For even more realism, add a little heel to the back legs. Finally, draw the tail. A puppy’s tail usually curls up, so draw a curved line with a few short, curved lines filling in the shape.

Step 6: Finish it Off With the Fur

Every pup is unique, and its fur is a reflection of its personality. To create a realistic texture, draw small, curved lines all over the body. Make sure to add more lines around the ears, neck, and tail. You can also draw lines in a particular direction to make the fur appear to be blown in the wind.

Step 7: Add Color!

Your pup is almost finished! Now all it needs is a splash of color. Use whatever drawing medium you’d like: pens, colored pencils, markers, or crayons. Chose the colors you like and start adding the fur, the eyes, the nose and the tongue. Don’t forget to add some shadows and highlights to make your pup look even more lifelike. You can also add a background to your drawing if you’d like.

Step 8: Stand Back and Admire Your Work!

You’ve done it! Your puppy is finished and it’s time to brag. Give your pup an extra-special name and post your masterpiece on social media. Celebrate yourself for taking a leap and exploring the art of cartooning! You’ll be surprised how rewarding it will feel.

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