How To Draw A Raindear

How To Draw A Raindear

Let your creativity soar when you learn how to draw a raindear! You don’t need to be a whiz artist, you just need to dedicate a few minutes and some markers to get your creativeness flowin’. With just a few easy steps, you’ll be able to draw your own, unique raindear. Make it your own masterpiece – and have some fun!

Pick Your Paper and Colors

Before you can get started, decide what kind of paper, pencils, and markers you’ll be working on. A sketchpad will work perfectly, so you can draw it multiple times. Also, decide what colors you’ll be using – bright ones to give your raindear some personality, or softer shades for a more peaceful look and feel. Gather your materials, and you’re ready for the next step.

The Body

Start by sketching the body of the raindear. Start with a hoop or circle, that’s the base of its form. Next, draw a smaller circle inside of it. You can also draw an oval on one end of the body, if you want it to look more realistic. Finally, you can draw some wavy lines on the underside of the body, to give it some definition.

The Eyes and Ears

After the body is finished, it’s time to work on the eyes and ears. Start by sketching two almond-shaped eyes, big and expressive. Two triangle-shaped ears will do the trick, situated on the top of the raindear’s head. Now, you can also draw a small line on each side of the head for extra definition, and suddenly you have your own unique raindear!

The Finishing Touches

Now, it’s time to have some fun and give your raindear some personality! It’s time for the finishing touches. First, draw a twirled line that begins on one end of the body and trails down to the other. You can even draw two or three of these if you want. Then, draw a line that curves around the eyes, and another one around the ears. Finally, if you want, you can even add some spots or stripes!

Outline and Color

Once you have your raindear all drawn up, it’s time to outline and color it! Using the markers or pencils you grabbed earlier, outline the raindear’s shape and all of the details you added. Then, for extra fun, you can color it! Using the colors you picked before, you can make your raindear as bright and vibrant, or soft and peaceful, as you like. And you have your own, unique raindear!

Enjoy the Result

Now that your raindear is all done, sit back and enjoy the result of your creative work. Show your raindear off to your friends, or hang it on your wall. You can even draw another one, and make a family of raindeers! Whether you want to keep your masterpiece for yourself and admire it, or give it away as a gift, it’s up to you and only your imagination can set the limits!

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