How To Draw A Snow Globe

How to Draw a Snow Globe

Whether you want to make a Christmas card, add a festive touch to a gift tag or just need a way to pass the time, drawing a snow globe is a perfect winter activity. With just a few steps, you can make a wintery masterpiece that looks just like a festive snow globe.

Gather Your Materials

Creating a snow globe is easy if you have the right materials. Start by gathering some paper, a pencil, eraser, markers, crayons, and some glitter. And of course, your snow globe won’t be complete without a globe shape. Use a bottle, an old ice cream container, or a jar!

Draw Your Snow Globe

Start by sketching the outline of the snow globe with your pencil. Remember, it’s okay if the lines aren’t perfectly straight and the circles aren’t perfectly round. Make sure the top is slightly larger than the base, like a real snow globe. Don’t forgot the handle!

Once you’re happy with the outline, trace it carefully with a marker, crayon or colored pencil. You could even draw your snow globe with glue and glitter, if you want something extra special and sparkly.

Fill Your Snow Globe

Now it’s time to fill your snow globe with a trio of fun wintery items: snowflakes, a tree, and a winter animal. Draw your snowflakes first, adding sparkly details with glitter. Don’t forget to add shadows between the flakes to make them look more realistic.

Next, draw a Christmas tree, with star decorations! To add a bit of spark and texture, you can draw the tree with glue and glitter. Lastly, draw a cute winter animal, like a polar bear, a penguin, or a snowman. Add details like eyes, noses, and smiles.

Snow Time

Finally, it’s time to make it snow! Sprinkle some lovely, glittery snow all over the snow globe with your finger, a brush or even an old toothbrush! Make sure to cover the entire globe and shake it gently to spread the snow.

You did it! With just a few easy steps, your wintery masterpiece is complete. Add in some special, festive details and you have a beautiful snow globe that’s just bursting with festive cheer.

Add Snowflake Decorations

Now your snow globe is finished, you can add some extra snowflake decorations. If you’re creating a Christmas card or gift tag, you can draw snowflakes around the sides with a glitter pen.

Drawing snowflakes freehand can be tricky, so you could also draw some snowflakes with a stencil. If you’d like to go even fancier, you can cut out snowflakes with glittery paper and add 3D elements to your snow globe.

Create Your Own Snow Globe

Drawing a wintery snow globe isn’t just fun, it’s also a great way to channel your creative energy this Christmas! Whether it’s a Christmas card, a gift tag or even a wintery wall hanging, with pencils, markers and a bit of glitter, you can make something really special.

So grab a bottle or a jar, and get creative! Who knows — you might even be able to make a few presents for your friends and family.

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