How To Draw Aghost

How to Draw a Ghost!

Aspiring illustrators can be both excited and frightened by the prospect of drawing a ghost. We’ve all heard stories of mischievous spectres wreaking havoc, and our imaginations can quickly conjure spooky images. But don’t be intimidated: all you need to draw a ghost is a little creativity and the right materials. Fear not – you can create a haunting, yet friendly ghost with ease!

To get started, you need a few simple supplies. Grab a piece of sketch paper, some pencils (2B–6B or softer), a kneaded eraser, and a white colored pencil or drawing marker. You also want to use an HB…or a 4H to start the sketch with. Once you have your materials together, you’re ready to begin!

Start with an outline. About halfway down the page, draw a vertical oval. This will serve as the ghost’s body. From the bottom of the oval, draw two thin, curved lines and connect them with another curved line near the top of the oval. This will be the ghost’s head. Then, draw a vertical line within the oval and divide it into two sections—this will indicate where the ghost’s legs should go.

Now, start to add details. Create the ghost’s eyes by drawing two small circles. You can draw them in a slightly downward angle and add some depth to them by adding four circles within each one. For the ghost’s mouth, draw a gentle curve and fill it in with a darker pencil or marker. Draw a few more curves and lines to give the ghost a little personality. Don’t forget the ghost’s feet by drawing two curved lines beneath the oval!

Finally, adding the shading will make your ghost come alive! With your white pencil or marker, start shading the body, head, and other details. As you add the shading, you’ll begin to see the ghost begin to form—it’s both spooky and comforting all at the same time! Play around with your shading and make sure everything looks even. Then, take a step back, look at your masterpiece and take a photo—you’ll be proud to show off your ghostly creation!

Adding the Finishing Touches

Now that you’ve drawn your ghost, it’s time to add the finishing touches. You can take your drawing to the next level by adding texture and highlights to create a ghostly look. Start by drawing some thin scratches around the ghost using your 2B pencil. You can also add a few dots, scratches, and cross-hatches here and there too. This will give the ghost a more “haunted” feel.

To finish the ghost, use your eraser to lighten up some of the lines and areas. Gently erase some of the lines around the ghost and the details of the eyes and mouth. This will add a light, ethereal quality to the ghost—giving it a truly haunted look. And there you have it—you’ve now drawn a ghost!

Bringing the Ghost to Life

Now that your ghost is complete, it’s time to bring it to life with color! Start by picking a moody, ethereal color palette that will capture the essence of your ghost. Shades of blue, pink, purple, and green can all work well. Use a colored pencil, marker, or even watercolor to add extra dimension and depth to your ghost. You can even add some strategically placed highlights for extra drama.

Once you have your color scheme established, start shading and blending. Mix a few different shades to create a mysterious, smoky haze. Gently erase some of the highlights you’ve added to create a textured look. As you shade, recollect the stories of ghosts you’ve heard, and think of the emotions they evoke. Let that inspiration guide your hand and you’ll be able to make your ghost look even spookier.

Once you’re done, take a step back and admire your creation. You now have a full colored, beautiful image of your own ghost. Share it with family and friends and watch their reactions—you’re sure to get a few gasps!

Bringing Your Ghost to the Next Level

You can challenge yourself and take your ghost to the next level by adding a few more fun details. Think about the environment your ghost would be in and draw a few more details like trees, rocks, and plants. Add some stars twinkling in the sky, or some footprints leading away from the ghost. If you’re feeling extra creative, create a scene with your ghost interacting with someone else.

Once you’ve brought your ghost to life in the environment you’ve created, you’ll have a unique, haunting image to hang on your wall. This is a great way to celebrate Halloween and decorate your room in a truly spooky, yet beautiful way. So, take that first step, get your supplies, and start drawing your ghost today! You’ll be glad you did!

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