How To Draw Angel

How to Draw an Angel

Do you have an affinity for angelic figures? Are you looking to capture the ethereal beauty in a drawing? Drawing an angel is a difficult yet rewarding task. By following a few simple steps, you can create a heavenly masterpiece.

Research the Look and Feel of a Traditional Angel

It’s important to understand what makes an angel look angelic. Research the look of a traditional angel. Look up images on the internet and draw sketches or take photographs. Choose the angel you would like to draw, and take inspiration from their appearance.

Choose the Right Paper and Pencils

You need to select the right paper and pencils for the job. Please go for a heavy-weight, white paper and quality pencils to get the most out of your drawing. This will give you better control and accuracy so you can really bring the angel to life.

Sketch Out the Figure

Sketch out the figure of the angel on your paper. Start from the head and move down the body. Follow the guidelines you’ve researched and included in earlier steps. Here it’s a case of practice makes perfect – so keep refining the details until you get the shape and look of an angel just right.

Start Drawing in Detail

Now’s the time to start drawing in detail. Focus on how the angel moves and the way their wings are positioned. Get the shading and hues right, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks. Take your time and use a light hand here. Don’t forget to layer the drawing with a few layers of pencils to get the right depth of tone.

Adding Artistry and Final Touches

Go for a more artistry look when adding final touches to your angel. The goal is to make the angel look real and three-dimensional. Add lines and shadows to add more intensity and life to your drawing.

Go Over and Sharpen Your Drawing

To make your drawing come alive, use an eraser to sharpen any lines you’ve drawn. Go for those soft edges and corners, and work the eraser lightly until you achieve the look you’re aiming for.

Add Background and Coloring

Now it’s time to do some painting! Choose the right shades and hues to give your angel a heavenly look. For the background, go for a light, even tone – such as white or light blue. Add extra touches to give your angel a more ethereal feel.

The Best Final Touch: Character and Expression

Now for the best part! Give your angel some character and expression by adding certain features. Take inspiration from saints, supernatural creatures, or other mythical figures and give your angel facial features and clothing.
Drawing an angel may take some practice, but once you’ve mastered the basics you’ll find it easier to draw beautiful angelic figures. Get started today and get the wings off the ground to create a heavenly masterpiece!

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