How To Draw Anime Dog

Drawing an anime dog is a fun and rewarding experience, bursting with creativity and potential for extraordinary art. With some practice and patience, even a beginner can learn how to draw an anime dog that looks like it just leapt off the pages of a shoujo manga.
Start with a rough sketch, creating a basic outline of the dog’s general proportions. Using a light stroke, draw the circles and ovals that will become the body, head, snout and even the dog’s floppy ears. Keep the sketch loose and lightly drawn, almost as if it is tracing the shape of energy—this will give your anime dog motion even when it is static.
Continue refining the sketch by adding details. Sharpen the tips of the ears, sketch the eyes and give the dog an adorable, yet mischievous snout. Play around with the body size, drawing it thicker or thinner, depending on the breed of the dog you are creating. You can even add facial expressions, from a wide eyed alertness to a dopey smile, depending on your preference.
Now darken the sketch’s outline with a thicker, more precise pencil line. Marvel at your little anime dog, but don’t put away your pencil just yet. It’s time for the final details! Bring out a fine brush and India ink to add the nuances of fur. Carefully draw individual hairs that represent fur coats of different breeds, making your dog look even more unique and photorealistic.
It’s time to bring your anime pup to life. Start by adding some cheerful colors with the help of your trusty colored pencils. Make the fur even more vivid by taking your colored pencils around the edges of the black India ink lines. Subtly mix colors to activate the light and shadows in your drawing and give it a realistic three-dimensional look.
Now, let’s move on to the more intricate details. Pull out a black wax pencil and add the details of the eyes and nose. Draw the twinkling eyes full of emotion, making sure each eye looks slightly different to give the dog a genuine, lively look. Complete the expressions with delicately designed eyebrows and whiskers that capture an honest character full of personality.
Once the dog is finished, take a step back to admire your artwork! A fantastic anime canine, full of life and movement. You did it! Not bad for a beginner—now your pup is ready to run and play in the world of your imagination.

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