How To Draw Donuts

Letting Imagination Fly

Life is so serious all the time. Don’t let it bog you down! Let your imagination soar and release your creativity. What better way to show off your inner creativity than to draw some donuts? Here are a few easy tricks for anyone and everyone to let your brush free, inviting you to roll up your sleeves and to get in on some artistic fun.

The Right Tools

The first step of drawing the perfect donut is to make sure you have the right tools. While it can be done with a simple pencil, it is recommended to use a marker, a brush or a watercolor, which will render life to the curves and colors of the donuts. Choosing the right paper is important and also to pick the right colors to make your donuts stand out.

The Outline

Before even starting to color in the donut, you will need to create the outline of it – and here’s where most of the skills come handy. Start by drawing a small circle in the paper. No need to wait for perfection, as this is only the base of the donut. With a ruler, draw a line just around the circumference of the circle, slightly curling up and back, in order to create the perfect donut shape.

Don’t Forget the Fillings

Don’t move on to the coloring yet: once you have the donut’s shape, you need to add the fillings. Use your imagination! If you want a chocolaty donut, draw in wavy lines in the donut. Curly shapes will make it look more like a cream-based filling. When you’re done, use your marker or pencil to fill in the shapes created with the donut.

Colors Dancing on the Page

It’s time for the fun part: making the donut come alive. Your donut is already outlined and filled with your chosen flavor. Now, with a brush and/or a watercolor, add texture and colour to the donut. Make it shine and blend the colors to make it even more vibrant and alive – have fun playing with the possibilities.

Creating a Sweet Masterpiece

Next, use the marker or the pencil to define details, like eyes, mouth and other facial features to the donut. Finally, use your brush or watercolors to add magnificent textures and nuances, such as chocolate sprinkles or jelly filling. The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination and creativity take reins and create your one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Welcoming Texture

To really make your donut stand out, don’t be afraid to add texture! Go for a sponge effect for those donuts with a white cream filling, sparkles for those that have chocolate topping, or glitters for those with shimmering jelly bits – the choices are almost unlimited and you’ll absolutely love the way it looks when you finish.

Layering it Up

Now, add some extra texture for your donut illustrations by layering on different shades of colors. You can create stripes, palm fronds, stars, or even razor-sharp edges – whatever you can think of by layering with thin mark outlines. Play around with color and texture and see your creation take shape.

Frosting and Finishing

Lastly, don’t forget to add the right touch of frosting to your donut. Use thin lines of marker to mark off areas that would be the frosting, and draw a ‘V’ shape along the donut shape to give it a soft, cupcake-style touch. Also, zoom into the details and add delicate sprinkles and gems onto the frosting to make your donut look more appealing.

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