How To Draw Ghost Rider

How to Draw Ghost Rider

No superhero looks quite as bad-ass as Ghost Rider. The skeletal face, blazing chain, and skull-shaped head make him unique to draw – and definitely fun to master. Drawing this iconic comic book hero isn’t as hard as it looks, but it does take some practice. So, let’s get started!
The easiest and quickest way to draw Ghost Rider is a basic skeleton framework. Start by drawing his head. It should be in the shape of a skull with a hooded cloak. Then, draw his shoulder blades and arms. His arms have a pointed shape at the ends and should be relatively thin. Next, sketch his ribcage and legs. Remember to draw them in a curved line, and make sure Ghost Rider’s legs are slightly bent. Lastly, draw his flaming chain. It should be in the shape of a “S” and wrap around his arm, neck and tailbone.
Now that you have your basic framework, it’s time to get down to details. Start by filling in the details on the hood. Draw in two large eyes, two pointed horns and two slightly curved horns. For the eyes, draw two large circles with a white, shiny highlight in the center. For the horns, draw two pointed triangles that arch upwards towards the top of the hood.
You can also add some detailing to the ribcage. Start by drawing a few lines down the middle of the ribcage that create the look of bone. Then, draw some intricate lines between the ribs to create the look of a human skeleton. Feel free to add some depth to these lines for a more realistic effect.
Now it’s time to add some shading to Ghost Rider’s face. Start by creating a few lines around the eyes, horns, and mouth. Next, use your pencil to shade the area around the eyes, horns and mouth. Use circular motions and a medium-valued pencil to create the illusion of shadows.
Finally, you’ll want to add the finishing touches to Ghost Rider. Start by adding some highlights to the eyes and horns. Use a silver or white colored pencil to create some sparkle. Then, draw a few curls of smoke coming off the back of his neck and tailbone to give him an extra eerie appearance. And finally, draw a few more strokes to the chain to give it a fiery effect.

Colors and Final Touches

Now that you’ve got your skeletal framework in place and added some details, it’s time to give Ghost Rider some color. Start by coloring his hood and cloak a dark, deep shade of black. For the ribcage, you can use a lighter shade of gray or a tan color. For the chain, you can use a brown color with hints of yellow and red highlights.
To give Ghost Rider an even more menacing look, you can add a few red highlights. Start by drawing a few thin lines around the eyes and horns to simulate the look of flames. Then, you can add a few more thin lines around the ribcage and chain to bring out its fiery effect. And to give Ghost Rider an extra spooky look, you can add some green highlights to his overcoat.
You should also draw in some extra lines around the jaw and nose to create a skeleton-like appearance. Then, use a medium-valued pencil to create a few subtle shading lines around the eyes, horns, face and ribcage. Finally, use a dark-valued pencil to draw in some dark streaks and shading around the hood.

The Flames

Now it’s time to bring Ghost Rider’s signature flames to life. Start by drawing a few thin, jagged lines with a red or orange colored pencil around the eye sockets, horns and ribcage. Vary the line lengths to create the look of sprawling flames.
Add some depth to the flames with a few more jagged lines. Then, use a darker shade of red or orange colored pencil to create a gradient effect. For example, draw a few thin lines near the bottom of the rib cage and shade them darker at the end. This will give your flames a realistic, yet haunting appearance.

The Chain

Finally, it’s time to draw Ghost Rider’s signature chain. Start by sketching out a few light-valued pencil lines to create a “S” shape. Then, draw a few dark-valued pencil lines to create the look of a rustic chain. After that, draw a few dark, jagged lines around the chain to give it a fiery appearance.
Use a medium-valued pencil to draw a few streaks of light coming off the chain. Then, use a light-valued pencil to draw in some thinner lines to simulate sparks. To enhance the look, you can draw a few thin lines around the chain with a silver or white colored pencil to add some extra shine.

The Finishing Touches

To give Ghost Rider the perfect finishing touch, add a few thin streaks of light to the outside of his ribcage. Use a yellow or orange colored pencil and draw in a few lines to simulate the look of a crackling flame.
And with that, you’re done! Ghost Rider won’t look like something out of a comic book, but your own unique version of the superhero. Feel free to keep practicing and tweaking the details until you’ve achieved the perfect look. Good luck and have fun!

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